On the Pros and Cons of Grill Pans

2008_07_09-grillpan.jpgWe credit Rachael Ray and other TV cooking hosts for the popularity of the stovetop grill pan. They can "grill" food on camera without having to move the entire production crew outside. Brilliant.

But we're apartment dwellers with no outdoor space, as we know many of you are, and let's be honest. A pan with raised ridges does not a grill make. We're going to give you our own thoughts on the grill pan, below... More


Drumstick Malunggay — Ingredient Spotlight

2008_07_07-Malunggay.jpgWe saw this strange item being sold by a Filipino farmer at the Alemany Farmer's Market on Saturday. What is it? More


Extra-Easy Jam Jar Salad Dressings

2008_06_02-saladdressing.jpgWhen it comes to salad dressings, there are days where we create a perfect emulsion, delicately whisking in olive oil drop by drop. But most days, we reach for an empty jam jar. More


Is Searing Meat Before Cooking Worth the Extra Effort?

At a recent dinner party, we were asked whether it was really necessary to sear meat before cooking it, especially if it was just getting slow-cooked in a braise or a stew. My friend logically pointed out that if it wasn't an important step, then why go to the extra trouble or dirty more dishes?

Read one reply below and let us know yours! More


Food Science: Why You Should Rest Meat After Cooking

When we're cooking large pieces of meat like roasts or turkey, we've always been told to let the meat rest before cutting into it. This has seemed like an odd step to us, especially since it's been ingrained in us not to let food sit out for too long. Besides wouldn't you want to serve it up and dig in right away?

As it turns out, you actually don't! Click through to see why... More


How To Make a Zuni Café Roasted Chicken at Home — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

There may be a million ways to roast a chicken, but there is one in particular that truly stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Zuni chicken. This method was originally developed by Judy Rodgers for her San Francisco restaurant The Zuni Cafe, but it has since traveled far beyond that kitchen. It involves salting the chicken days ahead and flipping it a few times during roasting, but the extra TLC is worth it. Simply put, this makes one of the best roast chickens ever.


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