A Food-Lover’s Guide to Boston — Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

2009-07-17-Boston.jpg2009_07_16-GuideButton03.jpgCity: Boston, MA
Population: 610,000
Local specialties: Seafood, locally-made fruit wines, apples, honey

We've been talking about the West coast, and now we're going all the way east: Boston! Markets, artisans, farms, and groceries: Where do you shop in Boston? What are the must-taste spots for food-loving visitors? If a visitor was going to take home a food souvenir from this city, where would you suggest they buy it? More


2 Tips for Making Great Pizza at Home From Brandon & Molly of Delancey — One Minute Video Tip

We are planning on making pizza this weekend, and so we are excited to follow these two tips offered by Molly and Brandon in this video. You may know Molly Wizenberg as the author of the popular food blog Orangette. Her husband, Brandon, has a passion for pizza, and so they decided to open a pizza restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Even though we don't generally cover restaurants, we're fascinated at the extension of home cooking that happens when a food blogger opens a restaurant (you can see our peek at Delancey here). Here are two great tips from Brandon making pizza at home. More


Five Ways to Use Leftover Rice — Tips from The Kitchn

As much as we adore a steaming pot of freshly cooked rice, we've always had trouble mustering much enthusiasm once it crosses into the land of leftovers. Sure, there's fried rice, which can be delicious with the addition of an egg or tofu or kimchee, but we must admit that we usually find ourselves pushing the cold mass of grains farther back into the refrigerator. In an effort to be more frugal and conscientious, we're looking for inspiration for our leftovers. Here are a few ideas; please share more in the comments!


Salad for Dinner: 7 Additions to Make it Filling

2009_05_27-ricesalad.jpgWe like to eat salad for dinner, but we don't want to be hungry an hour later. There are plenty of main dish salad recipes out there (we wrote about some of our favorites in this post), but often we want just a simple green salad--only we need one or two extra things to make it more hearty. Here are seven quick additions. More


Recipe: Strawberries with Chimayó Chile — Recipes from The Kitchn

2009_05_08-strawberries.jpgInvented by my stepfather, this fiery red concoction consists of strawberries, balsamic vinegar, and Chimayó chile. Strawberries served with vinegar is nothing new, but the addition of chile powder adds a whole new dimension. It might sound a little strange at first, but the combination of sweet, tart, and spice is marvelous. As highlighted in yesterday's ingredient spotlight, Chimayó chile powder is not too hot, but it provides just enough warmth to make things interesting. More


Tips for Grilling Delicious Artichokes

We've offered ideas in the past for eating artichokes while they're in season. Faith showed us how to cook them in the slow cooker, and we gave you three ways to stuff them, which is one of our favorite vegetarian meals. Grilling them (which we briefly talked about here) is incredibly easy, and it may make the big, unwieldy artichoke more approachable to a novice. More


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