The Element Gas Grill by Fuego Product Review

Item: The Element Gas Grill by Fuego
Price: $449-$649, depending on the model
Overall Impression: It performs reliably and admirably! We love the design of the inner and outer burners, and the small footprint of the whole thing. It's a fine-looking yet fully functional accessory for summer parties. Highly recommended!

The Element Grill by Fuego is quite possibly the prettiest grill we've ever seen. Its sleek styling and tiny footprint made us wonder if it was the ultimate grill for city-dwellers. Well, we've had a chance to poke, prod, and play with this grill and now it's time for the verdict: More


Food-Lover’s Guide to Los Angeles — Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

2009_07_28-losangeles.jpg2009_07_16-GuideButton03.jpgCity: Los Angeles, California
Population: 3.8 million
Local specialties: Fresh produce, ethnic cuisines, fusion food

There are two versions of Los Angeles ... or hundreds. On the surface, there is Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, and stereotypes of starved actresses. This is the LA that rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as other food-centric cities like New York and Paris. But dig a little deeper, or open your eyes to this vast city's ethnic neighborhoods, and LA becomes a food lovers' paradise. With the world's largest Korean, Iranian, and Guatamalan communities (to name just a few) outside their native countries, and the year-round availability of fresh, quality produce, LA is rich in culinary tradition and innovation. In pockets throughout the city, there are shops selling specialized ingredients, fusion dishes being born, and artisans hard at work. More


West African Ginger Drink — Recipe Recommendation

2009_07_29-gingerdrink.jpgWith faraway travel in mind this month, we have been watching online videos of the Australian television program "Food Safari," which takes viewers into multicultural kitchens across the country. We recently tried a recipe from the Africa episode and have found our new favorite summer cooler: West African ginger drink. More


Food-Lover’s Guide to Portland, Oregon — Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

2009-07-23-PortlandOregon.jpg2009_07_16-GuideButton03.jpgCity: Portland, Oregon
Population: 550,000
Local specialties: Salmon, Cherries, Peaches, Wine

Portland! It's such a rich city for food-lovers. Here are a few of our picks from Portland's best shops and resources for cooks. What would you add to this list? More


A Food-Lover’s Guide to Chicago — Markets, farms, artisans, and best shops for cooks

2009_07_16-GuideButton03.jpgCity: Chicago
Population: 2.8 million (9.5 million in the metropolitan area)
Local specialties: Deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, steak, beer, local produce, various ethnic dishes

Perhaps best known for its deep-dish pizza and eponymous hot dog, Chicago is truly a city of neighborhoods, and home cooking here reflects that. Midwestern comfort food holds a special place in Chicagoans' hearts, although many cooks here now prefer a lighter, more seasonal approach, most of the time anyway. More


A Food-Lover’s Guide to Austin — Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

2009_07_20-austin.jpg2009_07_16-GuideButton03.jpgCity: Austin, TX
Population: 1.6 million
Local specialties: Eclectic cuisine from barbecue to health food; locally-brewed beer

As the capital of Texas, Austin embraces a diversity of residents and visitors, from politicians to college students, musicians to tech industry workers. The city's culinary culture is equally eclectic, serving up everything from barbecue to health food. A strong sense of individualism and support for local businesses have also made Austin home to many food and beverage artisans. More


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