Sexy–Ugly Onion Tart Review & Recipe from In the Small Kitchen by Cara Eisenpress & Phoebe Lapine

oniontart01.jpgbookcover01.jpgCara and Phoebe's popular home cooking blog, Big Girls Small Kitchen, has transitioned into a delightful cookbook perfect for recent college grads or seasoned chefs. These two authors make entertaining on a budget a possibility with economic, creative recipes perfect for summer fetes in the backyard or neighborhood park. Read on for a peek at my favorite recipe, the Sexy-Ugly Onion Tart.

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Recipe: Summer Corn Salad Six Ingredients (and Salt)

2011_06_14-summersalad.jpgIn the summer I'm always planning meals around what produce is in season at the farmers market. Gone are the days of cheesy casseroles and braised meats or stews — summer's all about celebrating fresh, colorful produce. And this salad does just that.

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Chocolate Sable Cookies Review & Recipe from Miette by Meg Ray and Leslie Jonath

2011_06_26-Miette_Chocoalte Sables.jpg2011_06_20-miette.jpgIf you've had the immense treat of visiting San Francisco's Miette bakery, you're one of the lucky ones. If you haven't yet stepped foot into this little crumb of a shop, put it on your list. At Miette, you find walls of vintage cake stands, beautifully-wrapped candies and caramels, and the sweetest cakes, cupcakes and tarts you've ever laid eyes on. Somehow owner Meg Ray has succeeded in creating a space that celebrates delicate American interpretations of classic European desserts without verging on overly precious. You actually want to eat these sweets, not just admire them. And so, I was thrilled to lay my hands on her much-anticipated cookbook, especially since I'd heard that many of Miette's most beloved recipes would be included.

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Want to Help the Louisiana Seafood Industry? Eat Louisiana Seafood

The Louisiana seafood industry has been through a lot recently. There was Katrina, and then the BP oil spill. Most recently, the opening of spillways and freshwater diversions to relieve flooding further up the Mississippi has thrown off the coastal ecosystem. Yes, it's been a tough few years. But as I saw firsthand on my visit to New Orleans, Louisiana fishermen, the facilities that process their catch, and Gulf seafood itself are anything if not resilient. Here's a peek into the world of catching, cleaning, and eating Gulf seafood.

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Sippin’ On Summery Sangria

You really know when spring and summer are around when sangria pops out at parties and picnics. The combination of fruity flavors and robust taste make the perfect thirst-quenching drink.

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Home Price Headlines Hide the True Picture

How do I loathe home price day? Let me count the ways. This month is particularly frustrating, because the big headline from S&P/Case Shiller was that home prices rose for the first time in eight months. Okay, yes, from March to April, with no seasonal adjustments, home prices rose barely, less than one percent, in the nation's top 20 housing markets. When you seasonally adjust those numbers, the prices fall.
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