The One Thing I Always Have on Hand for Outdoor Eating — One Good Thing

Even for the neatest eater, a meal outside almost always leads to some sort of mess. Sticky hands, a blob of ketchup on your thigh (hey, at least it missed your shorts!), corn on the cob guts all over your face — it's all possible!

Sometimes, napkins just aren't enough and you need a good old-fashioned hand (or thigh) washing. Of course, during a picnic, the nearest sink could be football fields away. And during a backyard cookout, guests will have to open doors and traipse through the house in order to wash their hands.

That's why I always keep these on hand.


10 No-Cook Vegetarian Dinners for Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn

Step away from the stove. Don't even think about turning on the oven right now. And, while you're at it, leave your slow cooker where it is, too. Hot summer days call for simple dinners that skip the heat, come together with no fuss, and put your farmers market haul or CSA delivery to work. From salads and sandwiches to chilled soups and summer rolls, these 10 no-cook vegetarian dinners are no sweat!


Here’s How Long Everything Will Last in Your Freezer: A Quick Guide — Freezer Intelligence

As long as your freezer is working at its optimal level, keeping food consistently at 0°F, the food inside will be safe to eat indefinitely. There's no safety concern with anything that's been properly frozen. The real issue is just how much you'll actually enjoy it, as some foods might not have the taste or texture you prefer when eating something a year later.

Not willing to risk eating leathery meat? We don't blame you. Luckily, there are plenty of official guidelines that can help you figure out if something's been in the freezer for too long. Just make sure you label your groceries before you stash 'em away, so you can count up the months.

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Recipe: Sour Cherry Chocolate Chunk Muffins — On-the-Go Breakfast Recipes

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

If there ever was a perfect time to treat yourself to a dark chocolate-studded muffin for breakfast, it's while sour cherries are making their much-awaited appearance at the farmers market. Sour cherry season is fleeting — blink and you just might miss it. So, when you spot them at the farmers market pick up a basket without hesitation, then preheat the oven and pull out the mixing bowls as soon as you get home because you're making these nutty, chocolate, sour cherry-filled muffins.


This Easy Sheet Cake Will Make All Your Chocolate Dreams Come True — Delicious Links

(Image credit: A Cozy Kitchen)

The next time a serious chocolate craving hits, this is the recipe you'll want in your back pocket. It's the least fussy cake you can make — the batter mixes up in one bowl, and it bakes in a sheet pan — but it totally delivers on rich, chocolatey goodness you're after. Just make sure you have plenty of cold milk on hand to wash it all down.


A Food-Lover’s Checklist for Choosing an Airbnb — Travel Intelligence

Choosing an Airbnb can be an arduous task — and I should know. I stayed in Airbnbs for an entire year. Along the way, I learned a lot about vacation rentals, but the most important thing I learned was this: The kitchen is the heart of any home, even when it's not your permanent home.

So, how can you make sure that you get not only the right vacation rental for you, but also one that has a great (or at least a viable) kitchen? Here's my food-lover's checklist for choosing an Airbnb.


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