Novels, with Food: What Are Your Favorite Foodie Fiction Books?

2013-02-26-Books.jpgNot all of my favorite books about food are cookbooks. There are many non-fiction titles that discuss famous cooks or a specific ingredient or the history of certain cuisines. There are memoirs, essays, and books that take the scientific approach. And on occasion, there are novels that have food as the central plot focus. What are your favorite foodie fiction books? More

For Dinner With a View: Floor-To-Ceiling Bay Windows — Dining Room Inspiration

2013-2-25-dining.jpgI immediately fell in love with this West Philadelphia dining room. How lovely are those floor-to-ceiling bay windows? Unless you have a private yard, it might be a little too revealing at nighttime, but I would love to have a lazy breakfast at that table, looking out at all the flowers and foliage. What about you? More

Renovation Guide: 10 Quality Tile Sources

022313_xpost1615.jpgIn kitchen renovations, you can use tile to bring a lot of style to a little space. So where should you get started when looking for tile for your own project? Start with our list of 10 quality tile resources!

10 Quality Tile Sources
  Apartment Therapy

Help! Why Are My Cakes Always Runny in the Middle? — Good Questions

Q: Why is my cake so runny in the middle? I have been baking for a while, but every time I make a cake, the middle is always runny. I follow the recipes by every single word! I tried to bake them longer, I even doubled the time. But nothing works. The finish product tastes weird too. Really floury.

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My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Paper Towels

2013_02_25-papertowels.jpgI can't believe I'm going to admit this on the Internet and destroy my green cred, but here goes ... I use paper towels. Not a lot of them, and not every day, but enough to make me feel a bit uncool. More

Wine Words: Brettanomyces

2013-2-25-winewords.jpgBrett (or Brettanomyces to give it its full name) can be quite a controversial word. Readers may have heard a wine described as 'bretty' or having a bit of 'brett." Do you know what Brett means? More

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