15 Fabulous Ways to Eat Fall Vegetables

If you would have told my 6-year-old self that I would someday like vegetables as much, if not more, than my chocolate Easter bunny, she would have laughed at you and then given you a list of reasons why that couldn't possibly be true. Well guess what know-it-all 6-year-old me — you do. Here are 15 recipes from around the web that I'm dying to cook up right this minute! More


Ben & Marie’s Clean East London Kitchen — Kitchen Spotlight

Print designer Marie and her partner Ben live in a light-filled, converted shoe factory in East London. The apartment has an open design, which extends into the IKEA kitchen. The clean, simple look of the kitchen fits the aesthetic of the rest of the apartment, but if you ever thought IKEA was the easy way out, you may want to think again! As Marie tells Apartment Therapy, "we completely underestimated the challenge of assembling and installing the IKEA kitchen by ourselves!" So, even if you love the look (and budget) of IKEA, you may want to get help putting it all together! More


Should I Buy Jamie Oliver’s T-Fal Pans? — Good Questions

2012-11-01-TFalPanGQ.jpgQ: I am in the process of stocking up my new kitchen (based on your fabulous kitchen essentials posts), and I was wondering what people think of Jamie Oliver's T-fal pans? They seem to have pretty good reviews on Amazon. Anyone tried them?

Sent by Meredith More


Use the Color Wheel to Choose Complimentary Colors

20121101KN2.jpegRemember the color wheel? Colors that lie opposite to one another on the wheel are especially pleasing together. Here's how to make it work for you.

Complimentary Colors
  Apartment Therapy


A Perfect Marriage of Spicy and Sweet: 5 Parsnip and Pear Recipes

2012_11_01-Pears-Parsnips.jpgParsnips, those pale cousins of the beloved carrot, are filling up farmers market stands here in the Pacific Northwest lately. And while it's commonplace and simple to roast them for a quick side dish, pairing them with something a little sweeter can make a show-stopping addition to the average dinner spread or the more-than-average holiday table. More


A Tasty Treat: Fig and Walnut Crackers


I work online for much of the day, and by mid-afternoon I usually start to feel a little fried from staring at my laptop screen, and in need of a pick-me-up. I've been trying to create a more structured break time, a jause if you will, with a pot of tea or cider, and a small plate of something savory. I think these crackers—made with figs, walnuts, and flaxseeds, and perhaps smeared with a little bit of goat cheese or a dollop of apple butter—are calling my name. More


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