Which Knife Set and Block Should I Buy? — Good Questions

Q: I recently received a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond. I'd like to buy a good-quality knife set and block with it, but I'm having trouble determining what brand and style would be the highest quality at a good value. I'm hoping to find one for $100 or less, but definitely no more than $150. Help!

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French Etiquette: Take the Salt off the Table!

French Etiquette Tip: Take the Salt off the Table!

Two years ago I took a cooking class in Paris with Paule Caillat, a charming and knowledgeable cooking teacher. As our delicious lunch drew to a close, Paule hopped up from her seat and said something that surprised me then but that I often think of now... 


Got (Too Much) Milk? Freeze It for Later!

2013_02_26-milk.jpgWe rarely use milk at our house, and whenever we do buy it for a recipe, half the bottle inevitably goes to waste. That is, until we realized we could freeze it for later! If you're like us, or if you find milk on sale and want to stock up while it's at a good price, here are some tips for freezing it. More

The 1-Line Spice Rack: Spices All In a Row, And Room For Olive Oil, Too!

2013-2-26-1-line.jpgWhen installed this spice rack, constructed from 1/4" thick brushed stainless steel, appears to float on the wall. It would be a cool but otherwise ordinary shelf were it not the for the dip in the middle, perfectly sized to fit a bottle of olive oil or vinegar. More

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Beat-Up, Totally Generic, Aluminum Pasta Pot

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Beat-Up, Totally Generic, Aluminum Pasta Pot

I am lucky to have many shiny, heavy, ergonomically-designed, and brand-stamped pots and pans in my kitchen, mostly amassed from my wedding registry a few years back. This battered old pasta pot that my mom gave me after college sticks out like a sore thumb. I worry that the other pans mock it after I go to sleep, and yet, I can't let it go.


5 Ways To Make Eating at Home Easier

022413-lasagna.jpg Although we all love a good home cooked meal, sometimes they can be stressful if you're not a "throw something together" type person. As a result, it's easy to order in, go out or just munch on that random bag of potato chips in your cupboard. Here are five ways that will make eating at home easier to do and remember! More

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