Dinner Party Timing Tip: Factor Yourself In

2012_11_05-timer.jpgWhen planning for a dinner party or big meal, one of the most important things to consider is timing. Looking at recipe guidelines is crucial, but don't forget to factor yourself in, too. Knowing how long it takes you to prepare certain foods – and accounting for the unique quirks of your kitchen – will make your workflow that much smoother. More


Wine Words: Lees Aging

2012-11-5-wine_words.jpgLees aging is a wine word used to describe a stage in a wine's maturation phase. Do you know what it means? Lees are the dead yeast cells and other particles remaining in a wine after fermentation. They settle as sediment or creamy mud at the bottom of the fermenting container. More


Containers For Holiday Food Gifts: $5 Flat Packs from IKEA

110112-ikea1.jpg Since we're now into November it's safe to start thinking about gift giving for the holidays—specifically, all those handmade treats we'd love to give (and receive). When I hit up my local IKEA recently, these $5 finds sucked me in. They're the perfect containers to hold your homemade edible goodies! More


Table Trivets: 5 Unique, Minimalist Picks — Product Roundup

Looking for stylish, yet understated trivets for your holiday dinner table? Something that wouldn't look out of place with the rest of your beautiful table decor? Look no further. These five trivets are a little unusual, but simple and lovely. More


What Kind of Meat Do You Eat Most? — Reader Survey

This week we're bringing you a series of recipes and cooking lessons revolving, for the most part, around meat in its many forms. This time of year tends to be meat-heavy (hello holiday roasts!). We'll also, though, look at some of our favorite meat alternatives, and terrific vegetarian mains for any time of year, but especially for big celebratory dinners. But first — we're curious about our readers' meat-eating ways. Do you eat a lot of beef? Chicken? A mix? Or are you a vegetarian? Tell us in our survey below — and we'd love to hear from you in the comments, too!



Basics & Beyond: 20 Delicious Ways To Cook Chicken for Dinner

What do you reach for, when shopping for chicken? Boneless skinless breasts? Thighs? A whole chicken, legs and all? Chicken is the second most consumed meat in America, just behind beef, thanks to its affordability and ease of cooking. We love how easy it is to find organic, free-range chickens these days; it seems to be the most affordable way to eat sustainable, well-raised meat. But what to do with that wholesome chicken when you bring it home? Do you get in a chicken rut? Well, we're here to offer some fresh ideas from our rich archive of chicken recipes. More


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