5 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Probably Think

2013_02_24-peanutbutter.jpgI'm sure many of you remember the diet fads of the late 90's. It was all about eliminating as much fat as possible, and I cringe when I think about how I survived on white pasta with a little Parmesan for many meals, and loaded up on fat-free Snackwell's cookies and gummy peaches for midday fuel. Hey, they were all fat-free so I felt good about my choices. Today, of course, the prevailing advice leans away from sugar and is kinder to fat. Personally, I feel that high-sugar snacks and white pasta alone aren't the smartest diet moves. But still, there are a few foods lurking on grocery store shelves that may still be fooling us with their reputation of purported health. More

The Immersion Blender: My Secret to Easy Homemade Baby Food

The Immersion Blender: My Secret to Easy Homemade Baby Food

It always seemed a no-brainer to me that I would make my daughter's baby food. It couldn't be that difficult, right? But throw in a clunky food processor requiring approximately one million parts, and then baby food that was not smooth enough to please my finicky first-time eater, and I was quickly feeling defeated. Then I discovered the game-changer...


Recipe: Baked Za’atar Eggplant Fries with Lemon Tahini Dip — Recipes from The Kitchn

2013_02_09-KitchnEggplantFries.jpgEggplants were on sale at the market this week, so I picked one up and challenged myself to do something other than fry it. Since fried eggplant is so delicious in dishes like Eggplant Parmesan, I think it tends to be my easy go-to answer. I had something else in mind this time: an afternoon snack with a quick, delicious tahini dip that would carry us through until dinner. More

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Dental Floss — The Cheesemonger

2013_02_25-dentalflosscheese.jpg When I used to work behind a cheese counter, I could count on a variety of cheese knives to get the cutting done: huge, double-handled cleavers, large chef knives, and slender, sharp slicers. For the most part, it's not a problem if you don't personally own tons of different knives; once you get smaller portions of cheese home, you can use a pretty standard knife on nearly anything. But there's one professional cheese cutting tool that sometimes I wish I had: A cheese wire, best used for soft, gooey cheese and crumbly goats. Luckily, there's an easy way to emulate its function, with something you already have at home. More

How To Make Gimbap: Korean Seaweed and Rice Rolls — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Gimbap satisfies in many settings: as a light lunch for both adults and kids, as an easy-to-carry picnic and hiking snack, or even as a party appetizer. Learn the basics of these Korean-style seaweed and rice rolls and you'll be able to fill them with endless combinations of vegetables, meat, tofu, and eggs. They're even a great way to use up leftovers! More

Chobani Bites: Sweet Small Size Yogurt

030213-yogurt.jpgI don't usually favor Chobani, but these new mini yogurts are taking up residence in my refrigerator. I've been looking for a sweet snack after dinner (or, um, after any meal for that matter) and this new size is spot on. More

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