2011 "Gouleyant" Cahors, Georges Vigouroux — Wine of the Week

2013_01_02-WineOftheWeek.jpgWine of the Week: 2011 "Gouleyant" Cahors, Georges Vigouroux
Region & Country: Cahors, France
Price: $13

If you are a Malbec fan, you are going to love this delicious, easy drinking Cahors red wine from Georges Vigouroux! More

Starts Today: Join the Apartment Therapy January Cure and Get Organized in 2013!

cure121812.jpgThere is no better time than RIGHT NOW to finally get organized. For the first time in more than a year, Apartment Therapy is running a group Cure. If you are ready to whip your home into shape, get it clean, organized and under control, we're here to help - let's do it together! More

What Are Your Toughest Workflow Challenges In the Kitchen?

Hey, it's the New Year, so let's all take a moment to ponder our kitchens. I've been setting up a new kitchen, and so the idea of kitchen workflow has been on my mind. This is a big topic, and one that touches on many different aspects of setting up a kitchen: Work zones, storage capacity, tools and cookware. How does your kitchen contribute to your daily cooking and cleaning workflow? Good workflow is different for everyone, but we all know when our kitchen has hit a snag! Here's my big example of tough workflow, from my last kitchen... More

A Refreshing Winter Salad: Made With Kale, Walnuts, and Pomegranate

2013-1-2-winter_salad.jpgWhile I love feasting during the holidays, I always find myself in need of a reset when the New Year rolls around. You probably know what I'm talking about: more salads, less heavy starches; more water, less alcohol. This bright, zingy winter salad is exactly what I'm in the mood for right now. More

True Food by Andrew Weil — New Cookbook

It's the brand spankin' new year and with this fresh start often comes a desire to make changes and improvements in our daily diet. While this is an admirable pursuit, sometimes in our enthusiasm we tend towards extreme depravation which is never sustainable and only leads to failure. What's needed is a sensible plan, one that is varied, delicious and interesting and (whoopsie!) just happens to be really good for you. Enter Dr Andrew Weil's new cookbook True Food, a true blessing for anyone but especially those who want to take the stealth approach to eating well. More

Setting Kitchen Goals in 2013

2012-8-9-master-cleanse-chicken-finals-1.jpgHappy New Year, everyone! It was good to have a little time off to enjoy the holiday with family and friends, but it's always good to be back here talking about home cooking with you all, too. To start off the new year, many of us make resolutions. Maybe yours include reading more novels or running a half marathon. Perhaps you want to learn a new language or stay more organized. This year, my boyfriend and I decided to set kitchen goals together: things we wanted to learn to make and create together at the dinner table and beyond. More

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