20 Easy Dinner Recipes for Your Next Meal Plan — Recipes from The Kitchn

Come summer, there's a standing trend in my weekly meal plan: easy dinners. The easier, the better. Right now more than any other time of year I lean on dinners that require little effort so I can spend more time enjoying summer and less time in the kitchen.

With options like flank steak panzanella, a fast and fancy tomato galette, grilled shrimp skewers, and sheet pan pork chops, these are the 20 easy dinners to cycle through your meal plan now through Labor Day.


Recipe: Easy Rainbow Icebox Cake — Recipes from The Kitchn

I think we can all agree that the rainbow trend reached peak unicorn when Starbucks made a drink based on the popularity of multi-hued foods, but you try explaining this to my 5-year-old.

Looking for a rainy-day baking project, I had a lightbulb recipe moment: We could make a rainbow cake without turning on the oven and using just four ingredients with a classic back-of-the box recipe. And so on this rainy day, a rainbow icebox cake was born.

All the flavors you know and love from icebox cake — soft, chocolatey wafers and cool, lightly sweetened whipped cream — are made more magical with a little food coloring and sprinkles. Here's how to be a rainbow cake hero using just four ingredients.


This Is the Most Popular Slaw Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

(Image credit: Cooking Classy)

When it comes to summertime favorites, grilled cheeseburgers, buttery lobster, and icy margaritas seem to grab the spotlight. But they can't handle the whole dinnertime show themselves. After all, summer is about enjoying the company of family and friends long after the sun sets, when the weather stays warm and balmy late into the night. That means you need some killer side dishes, and one of the best out there is slaw.

Whether you make yours with mayonnaise and scallions, oil and vinegar, or even Brussels sprouts, slaw is one of summer's greatest unsung heroes. It can be made ahead of time, has many variations, and can often (not always) easily serve any guest, no matter the dietary restriction. To say nothing of the fact that they are just darn delicious salads.

Looking to make a killer slaw recipe this week? Here's a look at the top recipe on Pinterest.


Recipe: Blackberry Croissant Breakfast Bake — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

(Image credit: Christine Han)

When you start your day off with something sweet, like this breakfast bake, it's pretty much a guarantee that it's going to be a good one. This bake does the impossible: It improves on flaky, buttery croissants by soaking them in a rich, custardy liquid and baking them with a slew of juicy blackberries. The result is pure decadence for breakfast — something we all need every once in a while.


Mexico Is Easy, Affordable & Delicious. Here’s Where to Go. — Summer Vacations for Food-Lovers

I'm going to make a bold statement: If you're a food-lover, there is no better vacation destination than Mexico. That's true any time of year, but especially in summer. Allow me to make my case.


Next Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Easy Family Dinners from the Farmers Market — Next Week’s Meal Plan

My meal-planning routine has changed a bit since summer started. Instead of doing all my planning on Friday night, I wait until after the farmers market on Saturday to formulate a plan. I give myself a budget for buying eggs, vegetables, fruit, and bread (always buy the bread) at the market and just buy whatever looks great that week. After we get home with our haul, I put things away, make a plan, and grocery shop for staples or missing ingredients in the afternoon.

This farmers market-centric meal-planning routine keeps me inspired and gives me flexibility each week. Here's what a week of farmers market-inspired meals looks like for my family of four.


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