10 Bridal Shower Favors Guests Will Actually Want to Keep — The Spring Bridal Shower

When it comes to throwing a bridal shower, whether it's for your sister or your BFF, picking the favors for guests can be one of the hardest decisions. You want the favors to be cute, not cheesy, and something guests will actually use (read: you don't want to give everyone another cheap-o wooden cheeseboard emblazoned with the couple's monogram).

Keep calm: We've rounded up 10 bridal shower favor ideas that definitely won't be left behind. Carry on.


20 Recipes Made Sweeter with Dates — Recipes from The Kitchn

Next time you wander through the produce section to pick up some dates (yes, that is the best place to find them at the grocery store!), you might want to grab a few extra. This fruit has a deep, caramel-like flavor that makes everything from smoothies and energy bars to salads and cookies even sweeter. Here are 20 recipes that show you how to harness the sweetness of dates in almost any kind of dish.


These Frozen Yogurt Pops Make Breakfast Fun & Easy — Delicious Links

(Image credit: Half Baked Harvest)

Yogurt with fruit and granola is a pretty common breakfast dish, but sometimes all it takes is one clever tweak to transform the everyday combination into something whimsical and fun. In this case, I'm talking about making ice pops!


The Best Travel Snack for Kids Is Cereal. Here’s Why. — Family Vacation

Packing for a trip with my daughter means a suitcase that's equal parts clothes, entertainment, and food. The food part is oh-so-necessary to keep little (and big) tummies full and blood sugar levels steady. We bring stuff from home so that we don't succumb to the expensive snack kiosks at the airport. It's a mix of shelf-stable snacks, easy-to-eat meals, fruits and veggies that aren't too delicate for traveling, and a treat or two that can be used to bribe good behavior if necessary.

There's one snack that's non-negotiable, though: cereal (and lots of it).


Recipe: Marbled Coffee Cake with Nutty Crumb Streusel — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Maria Siriano)

This is a darn fine coffee cake, with a sweet vanilla cake, generous streusel and nuts throughout, and a cinnamon-vanilla aroma that will make your house smell better than a bakery. Oh, and the cake part still only requires one bowl, thanks to our one-bowl vanilla cake. That first cup of coffee is starting to look even better.


Is a Built-in Refrigerator Worth the Extra Money? — Side by Side: A Guide to Appliance Shopping

There are a few luxuries that can make your kitchen instantly seem like it belongs in a Michelin-star chef's home: a gorgeous range, plenty of counter space, and a seriously impressive refrigerator. When it comes to the latter, how do you decide whether you should get a built-in or if a freestanding fridge will do? The cost will play a huge role in helping you decide. Other key factors? Aesthetics and how much space you have, for sure.

Keep reading to check out the pros and cons of a freestanding fridge versus a built-in one.


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