How To Make a Fruit Cobbler by Heart — Easy Dessert Recipes

(Image credit: Christine Han)

Folks spend a great deal of time waxing poetically about the virtues of pie, but I'm going to make a strong declaration: Fruit cobbler beats the pants off of fruit pie. For starters, there's no messing around with cold butter and pie dough in a hot kitchen in the middle of July. Cobbler doesn't have a bottom crust destined for sogginess, and if the juices of a cobbler run a little thin, it actually makes the dessert better. Cobbler delivers a crisp and tender top crust with jammy fruit filling underneath, it begs for a scoop of ice cream, and can go from craving to warm on the table in about an hour.

As much as I have strong opinions about cobbler versus pie, I also have very high standards for what makes a good cobbler topping. Regional variations abound, with some mimicking pie dough and others closer to a dumpling than a pastry, but the very best topping for cobbler is an easy sweet cream biscuit. A cream biscuit topping bakes up with crisp crust that breaks under the pressure of your fork, yielding to a tender, cake-like biscuit that greedily soaks up rich fruit juices.

Ready for the best cobbler of your life — one that you can memorize and bake anywhere, anytime? Here's how to do it.


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