What Is Sourdough? — The Soul & Science of Sourdough

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To bake bread is to tap into a long lineage of human ingenuity, community, and satisfaction. Flour, water, yeast, and salt come together and hours later you're slathering butter on your daily loaf. But just how does all that work? And what does it truly feel like to master this simple process? These are the questions we're seeking to answer. In our series, The Soul & Science of Sourdough, we're partnering with the minds behind Modernist Bread and the larger community of sourdough bakers to explore how the intersection of soul and science can help you learn the fundamentals of sourdough. Amy Halloran, author (and one of the most curious home bakers we know!), will be your guide as we walk you through the major stages of the bread baking craft, sharing stories and tips along the way. You'll be inspired as a new baker and nurtured in your current practice. As Amy says, the perfect loaf of bread is simply the one that's fits in your life. Here's to finding it!


10 Delicious Recipes Starring Chicken and Mushrooms — Recipe Roundup

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Chicken and mushrooms have been saving dinner for years now. There are so many recipes out there that include this famous kitchen duo, and most of them are easy to make (lots of 30-minute recipes!) and totally delicious. Here are 10 of the recipes you need to try out right now.


My Favorite Healthy Recipes: Hannah and Carla from Hudson, New York — My Healthy Recipes

Welcome to Kitchn's new series My Favorite Healthy Recipes, where we show you how real people around the country (and even world) eat "healthy," however they choose to define that for themselves. Maybe you'll even find a few recipes to add to your own meal plan.

Name: Hannah Black and Carla Perez-Gallardo
Location: Hudson, New York
Occupation: Chef-owners, Lil' Deb's Oasis


The 10 Essential Instant Pot Recipes to Know by Heart — Recipes from The Kitchn

I've had my Instant Pot for about two-and-a-half years, but I lean on it so regularly that it feels like it's been a part of my meal prep and dinnertime routine for so much longer. While there's a nearly endless stream of recipes it can turn out, the Instant Pot really excels at everyday basics. Here are the 10 essential Instant Pot recipes worth knowing by heart.


How To Make Slow Cooker General Tso’s Chicken — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

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The craving: General Tso's chicken from your favorite Chinese takeout spot. The problem: You've got different diners eating at different times. The best solution: General Tso's chicken from your slow cooker. Yes, you'll be investing a little more time than dialing for takeout, but you'll make the best General Tso's you can at home without stir-frying and you can feed your family in shifts as they stagger in the door tired and hungry.

This slow cooker General Tso's chicken hits all the high points of your Chinese takeout favorite — crisp golden chicken with a tender interior, coated in a glossy, spicy sweet sauce. Ready your rice and your slow cooker for this better-than-takeout slow cooker General Tso's chicken.


This Is the Most Popular Pumpkin Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

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It's officially Halloween season. That means overpriced costumes and epic battles over candy corn (note: team candy corn all the way, here). It also means it's pumpkin season. There is something about this seasonal gourd that just seems to make everyone want to pull out chunky sweaters and get into baking mode.

Pumpkin is extremely versatile. It can be braised in stews, roasted with spices, or pureéd into soups. It can make velvety pies, spice-laden cookies, or one heck of a moist, fragrant Bundt cake. Given its versatility, the most popular pumpkin recipe on Pinterest (with over 13,000 pins) might surprise you. The recipe is incredibly approachable, and you've probably enjoyed some iteration of it before.


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