Watch These People Pretend to Know How to Pronounce LaCroix — Food News

There are some words in life you just assume you're saying incorrectly. Is "quinoa" pronounced ke-NO-wah or KEEN-wah? I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. And while there's a good chance you have heard of (or enjoyed a can of) LaCroix, everyone's favorite seltzer, it's pronunciation isn't second-nature. Based on that theory, the folks over at the Tonight Show decided to have a little fun — fast-forward to 2:35 in the video below to see what I'm talking about.


Would You Try This Bizarre New Shopping Service from Walmart? — Food News

Almost three years ago I moved from the hustle and bustle of Chicago to a small village about two-and-a-half hours north of the city lights in rural Wisconsin. Upon moving I lost many things I was accustomed to, but online grocery shopping and delivery is a big one. I am feeling extra secluded in cow-town today, as it's been announced that if you're a resident of Silicon Valley, you can not only order your Walmart groceries online, but you can also get them put them away inside your refrigerator for you.

Now that's a game-changer.


The Truth About Sulfites in Wine & the Myths of Red Wine Headaches — Master Your Wine

"Contains Sulfites." These are words you see on almost every bottle of wine. Just two little words — yet so frequently misunderstood!

What are sulfites? Are they really bad? Do they cause wine headaches or other related ills?


15 Easy Sheet Pan Suppers for Cooler Days — Recipes from The Kitchn

After an easygoing summer, getting thrown back in to the busy fall season can be enough to make anyone's head spin. Between school, work, appointments, sports, and other activities, dinner feels hard to get a handle on. Luckily there are sheet pans, which make getting a meal on the table as stress-free as the carefree days of summer we are all secretly still longing for. Pile every bit of your dinner — veggies, protein, and all — on one pan, toss it in the oven, and in next to no time you have a weeknight meal that wins. Here are 15 recipes to try out.


Your Pet Can Now Drink Out of a Mason Jar Too — Shopping

If Professor Fuzzy Pants could talk, he'd tell you how much he loves all your Mason jars and all your stuff designed to look like Mason jars. He loves your Mason jar measuring spoons, wants to sniff around in your Mason jar-lined pantry, and he gets so thirsty watching you sip homemade iced tea and cold brew coffee out of your Mason jars. He wants all the Mason jars he can shake a stick at!

He also wants to drink out of a Mason jar just like his humans. And now he can!


35 Ways to Turn Chicken Breast into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

I know what you're thinking: boring ol' chicken breasts, so dry and flavorless. But please don't automatically dismiss this hardworking and versatile protein. It's the jumping-off point for numerous dinner dishes that come together in an hour or less. In fact, you should consider chicken breast a blank canvas for wonderful and exciting flavors and textures. Whether you fry it up crisp, shred it into a casserole, or tuck it into a taco, the results will be moist and flavorful and very satisfying.


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