10 Crowd-Pleasing Soups That Are Perfect for Empty Bowls — Recipes from Kitchn

Are you thinking of hosting an Empty Bowls gathering in your area? Empty Bowls is about raising funds and awareness to fight hunger and building community over a bowl of soup. While the emphasis is on raising funds, having a nice selection of delicious soups to serve is always a good idea. Here are some guidelines for your Empty Bowls soup selection, plus a roundup of our favorite soup recipes for a crowd.


This Is What College Food Looks Like in Sweden — College Eats

In the U.S. college campuses offer an array of dining options from all-you-can-eat buffet-style dining halls to trendy fast-food restaurants at the student union to late-night greasy bites that fuel students through long evenings of cramming for exams. But in Sweden, the college food experience is much different. Students meet their friends for a daily fika (coffee break), cook most of their meals at home, and get their junk food fix with snacks like "creamy taco"-flavored potato chips and salty octopus-shaped licorice candies.


Why Grilling Outdoors Makes Me Feel Like a Kid in Morocco Again — Best of Summer

There's something festive, transfixing, and special about cooking around an open fire. It's a ritual as old as humanity that transcends time and place, and immediately bridges everything I miss and love from my past with everything wonderful about my present. When we fire up our grill on our small stone patio in Brooklyn this summer, surrounded by high wooden fences and climbing ivy, I'm instantly transported back to my happy place: My perfectly spiced childhood in North Africa, the freedom and fun of that distant time, and the mouthwatering grilled food that so often fueled my days and nights.


My Favorite Healthy Recipes: Rebecca from Miami Beach, Florida — My Healthy Recipes

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Welcome to Kitchn's new series My Favorite Healthy Recipes, where we show you how real people around the country (and even world) eat "healthy," however they choose to define that for themselves. Maybe you'll even find a few recipes to add to your own meal plan.

Name: Rebecca Washuta
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 29
Occupation: I'm getting my master's in applied nutrition, and I'm a sales manager at a biotech company to pay the bills.
Number of people in household: Four (me; my husband, Nick; and our two toy poodles, Nugget and Muffin).


These Are the Most Annoying Things Your Family Members and Roommates Do in the Kitchen — Strong Opinions

Not to be all negative or anything, but sometimes our roommates (read: our family members, friends, strangers we found on Craigslist, pets, etc.) can be super annoying to live with — especially when it comes to how they use (or even don't use) the kitchen. For example, I love my husband to death, but he is very bad at closing cabinet doors. In that, he just doesn't. He can open cabinet doors, but I'm starting to worry that maybe he doesn't know how to close them. I am constantly walking behind him — doing my very best Vanna White impression — closing the doors he's opened.

I know I'm not the only one who's bothered by a little thing here or there. I know this, because we asked you guys. We posted a very simple question on Facebook: What's your biggest pet peeve in the kitchen? We got almost a thousand comments in a very short period of time (we're talking just a few hours).

Here were some of the biggest and best (or worst?) gripes you guys had.


20 Fast and Fancy Fall Desserts — Recipes from The Kitchn

Now that the temperature is dropping a bit with the change of seasons, dinner parties are back on our agenda. It's finally cool enough to cook up a nice dinner inside and invite our friends over. But regardless of what we end up cooking, it's a guarantee that dessert will be a simple affair. That's because the last bites of a great meal don't have to be fussy to be delicious. These 20 fast and fancy desserts prove just that, and we plan to lean on them all season long.


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