10 Delicious Ways to Turn an Avocado into Lunch — Tips from The Kitchn

What was once relegated to the making of guacamole — fabulous in its own right — avocados are now taking the lunch table by storm. Smooth and buttery and loaded with healthy fat and a good dose of vitamins and minerals, the avocado offers a cornucopia of choices as to how to serve it.

Check out these 10 delicious ways to turn an avocado into lunch.


The 15 Recipes I Have to Make Before Labor Day Hits — Recipes from The Kitchn

There is still plenty of summer to be had, even though the calendar says Labor Day is approaching much faster than I'd like it to be. So I am soaking up every little bit of the season in these lingering weeks of August. Aside from beach days and picnics on my agenda, there are these 15 recipes. Each of them — whether they are dinners, snacks, desserts, or drinks — are celebrations of summer, so there is no arguing that they need to be checked off my list before September arrives.


The Best Way to Put Cheap Cutting Boards to Good Use — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

You readers are so smart! Some of our best tips and ideas come from questions, suggestions, or comments you guys leave for us. Here's one that's proof of that.

Back in May, we worked with the founders of The Financial Diet, an amazing site dedicated to money and everything it touches, to come up with the ultimate list of the best things to buy and the things to skip at IKEA. Because otherwise, let's be honest, we'd end up spending all our money on all the things.

Read more: Buy This, Not That: IKEA Kitchen Supplies

The post suggested skipping the LEGITIM cutting boards. Sure, you can get a two-pack for just $3.99, but they scratch easily and aren't flexible enough to funnel ingredients into a pot. And "for something like a simple cutting board, you're much better off going to a Marshalls or Home Goods-type place and getting a much higher-quality board for the same price point." Convincing points, right? They were — until they weren't. One of our readers left a comment that had us running to our nearest IKEA.

Keep reading to steal her brilliant idea.


German Supermarket Clears Shelves to Make a Statement on Racism — Food News

A Germany grocery store has made a strong statement on racism and xenophobia by modifying their supermarket's product lineup.

Edeka, one of Germany's largest grocers, recently pulled all foreign food items from the shelves at their store in Hamburg. The stint lasted one day, but it showed consumers how limited their culinary choices would be if diversity were eliminated from the food world.


How To Make Southern Tomato Pie — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

From the first bite to the last slice, tomato pie is sublime: Sharp tomatoes and savory bacon are seasoned with thyme and bathed with mayo and sharp cheese to make a humble pie that's the perfect entrée for your end-of-summer suppers and lazy weekend brunches.

I have a theory that tomato pie was created by thrifty Southern cooks who were trying to make the most of tomatoes from their backyard gardens — especially those tomatoes that weren't quite ripe enough for tomato-and-mayo sandwiches or canning. These cooks had the ingenious idea to transform these so-so tomatoes into something wildly delicious with pantry staples like mayonnaise and breadcrumbs. It also means that any home cook can master this speciality with just a few key points.


Recipe: Fresh Tomato Blender Sauce — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

(Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani)

It's not worth fussing too much with summer tomatoes. When they are so juicy and sweet this time of the year, it's truly hard to improve on them. That's why tomato sandwiches and caprese salads exist. That's also why this sauce exists. Slow-simmered tomato sauces are glorious, but save those for when you're trying to coax life and flavor into the canned stuff come winter. For this recipe you need to do nothing but toss the tomatoes you grabbed from the farmers market into a blender, add a little garlic, olive oil, and fresh basil, and transform the mix into the brightest, liveliest thing you can toss with pasta this summer.


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