Oprah Is Launching Her Own Brand of Healthy Comfort Foods — Food News

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Oprah Winfrey is dipping into the food market with the upcoming launch of her own line of packaged foods. Winfrey's culinary debut is a collaboration with Kraft Heinz, which owns brands like Oscar Mayer, Grey Poupon, and Jell-O. The new line is slated to be called "O, That's Good."


My 10 Favorite Healthy Comfort Food Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn

A healthy dinner means different things to different people. For me it means using as many "real food" ingredients as possible. I lean hard on fresh produce from my CSA and the farmers market and lean proteins like fish, chicken, pork, beans, and legumes. I have a soft spot for baked goods, cheese, and the occasional creamy sauce. It's all about balance and moderation for me — mostly wholesome with a side of indulgence once in a while. Maybe you can relate?

From Asian-inspired cauliflower fried rice and stuffed sweet potatoes, to veggie stir-fry and easy chicken tacos, these are my 10 favorite recipes for a healthy, comforting dinner.


10 Easy Lunches You Can Make with Naan — Tips from The Kitchn

Naan is a tasty Indian flatbread that's gaining popularity worldwide. Whether you make it at home or buy it at the store, there are plenty of ways to include it in your weekly meal plan. Here are 10 easy lunches to make with naan.


100 Years in the Kitchen: The Most Popular Kitchen Colors from the 1920s to Today — Apartment Therapy

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From Apartment Therapy → 100 Years in the Kitchen: A Century of Kitchen Color Trends


Julia Child’s Salad Nicoise Helped Me Kick My Junk-Food Habit — Cooking with Julia Child

When I wasn't devouring Hot Pockets while watching MTV after high school, my go-to meal was salad: Iceberg lettuce smothered in neon-orange French dressing, topped with Bacon, cheese, and store-bought croutons. Occasionally I threw a tomato or cucumber on top as a garnish.

Then in 1990, I spent a summer living with a family in France. Fresh fruits and veggies, more sweet and flavorful than I experienced at home, ruled the table. Beans from the garden were blanched and topped with a dollop of high-fat butter and herbs, while plums were quickly transformed into sweet galettes. It was easy to get used to the little culinary luxuries of everyday French eating.


Here’s What a Scientist Thinks About Roasting Marshmallows on Sticks Found in the Woods — National S’mores Day

The best part of any camping trip (or even a backyard fire-pit gathering) is obviously the time you spend with your friends and family. The second-best thing? The s'mores, hands down.

If you're one to really rough it, chances are you've roasted your fair share of marshmallows on random sticks you've collected in the woods. While any specks of dirt and bark just add to the rustic experience, it's hard not to wonder if what you're doing is actually okay. How gross are those sticks you're eating sugar off of? We talked to an expert to find out.


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