How To Make Homemade Copycat Kind Bars — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn

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Kind Bars are the snack bar that I always reach for when I really want a candy bar but don't want the resulting sugar crash. Full of nuts and seeds held together with a sweet-sticky glue of brown rice syrup, these bars are sweet, crunchy, a little salty, and sometimes gilded in chocolate. They are totally crave-worthy in their own right!

But Kind Bars are kind of budget-busting when I've got five dinners, seven breakfasts, and seven lunches to shop for my family of four. So I set to work making these snack bars at home. Yes, there are some specialty ingredients that are an up-front investment, but there's still a huge cost savings.


Roaches in Your Kitchen? Check the Coffee Maker. — Life in the Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I started noticing small roaches occasionally scuttling around my kitchen. This being an old apartment building in New York City, I wasn't too shocked. I had dealt with mice and ants in my last apartment and once stepped on a dead rat in the middle of the street (a story for another time), so it only seemed natural that cockroaches would one day appear on my personal docket of NYC vermin to confront.

It wasn't like I had a full-on infestation — or so I thought. I'd see maybe one German cockroach, which are smaller than some other, gnarlier cockroach types I've seen, crawling on my backsplash or in one of my kitchen cabinets once a week, but I knew I had to nip this problem in the bud. So one night, I decided to do a full apartment clean to dissuade the roaches from coming back. I set about cleaning my sink and counters with disinfectant and spraying Hot Shot Ant & Roach Killer (side note: I later found out this only kills bugs on contact and is not a repellent) onto the baseboards and the crevices where the kitchen cabinets meet the wall.


Extreme Money-Saving Habits from Seriously Frugal People — Apartment Therapy

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From Apartment Therapy → Extreme Money-Saving Habits of Seriously Frugal People (and the Thrifty Tips You'll Actually Use)


You’ll Never Guess the Secret Ingredient to My No-Cook Tomato Sauce — Tips from The Kitchn

Before I get to that secret ingredient (or even to the no-cook tomato sauce that will change your life, I promise you), let me set something straight, for the record: This isn't actually my no-cook tomato sauce. It belongs to my friend's mom Peg, or Mrs. Schultz, as I still call her some 30 years later.

Amelia and I were friends and so were our moms, something I never quite understood. It was an unlikely pairing. Mrs. Schultz was everything my German mom was not. She had short, spiky hair and butterfly glasses, wore Birkenstocks and crazy patterned running tights — outside the house. (Mind you, this was in the '80s and well before the advent of Lululemon and the era of Athleisure. It was long before Birkenstocks were cool the first time around.)

She also told us if we smelled, let us take baths with Howard the dog, and didn't get upset if we made a big mess in the kitchen. My mom's kitchen, as far as I could tell, miraculously produced meals with not a splatter nor a spill. For this reason — and because Mrs. Schultz worked as a caterer — it was at the Schultz' home beneath a bright blue neon sign that said "Let's Eat" that I learned to cook.


Our Editors’ Favorite Plastic Wrap Is the Same Brand Ina Uses — Shopping

Plastic wrap is a silly thing to have a strong opinion about, and yet us editors at Kitchn have one. You see, there's one brand of plastic wrap that our food editors buy for their own kitchens, where they test and develop all of our recipes. And it's the same brand that we use in our photo studio kitchen.

What brand is it? Keep reading for the big reveal.

Fun fact: It's also Ina Garten's favorite plastic wrap, which she's been sure to point out in her recent cookbooks.


5 Foods You Need to Wrap in Bacon Right This Second — Recipes from the Kitchn

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

There's no wrong way to enjoy bacon. You can eat those crispy strips out of hand, crumble them to top salads, and layer them on sandwiches, but perhaps my favorite way is to wrap bacon around everything from corn on the cob to dates, to tenderloin. If bacon speaks to your soul, don't wait a second longer because these five foods are even better when wrapped in bacon.


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