Two of Our Favorite Food Bloggers Just Started a Meal Planning Service — Food News

The brains behind the incredibly popular food blogs How Sweet Eats and Two Peas and Their Pod have launched a meal planning subscription service. Called Sweet Peas Meals, the goal is to get people to cook balanced and delicious meals without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.

"When we first started talking about Sweet Peas Meals, our main goal was to create something that would simplify your everyday life, every single day," reads the website. "We do all of the work for you to plan delicious, family-friendly menus week after week, giving you the time to focus on enjoying the joy and fun that mealtime should be."


Artificial Sweeteners Might Not Do What You Think, Review Finds — Wellness News

In theory, artificial sweeteners offer consumers the promise of sweet without the extra calories. In the U.S., a quarter of children and 41 percent of adults report eating artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and stevia. But a scientific review of 37 studies on non-nutritive sweeteners, published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that there is no evidence to suggest sweeteners help in weight management.

"We were really interested in the everyday person who is consuming these products not to lose weight, but because they think it's the healthier choice, for many years on end," Meghan Azad, lead author of the review and an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics and child health at the University of Manitoba in Canada, tells NPR.


Noosa Just Released 5 New Yogurts That Are Basically Dessert — Grocery News

(Image credit: Noosa)

In the seven years that Noosa yogurt has been on the market, it has gained quite a loyal following. Compared to the low-fat Greek yogurt trend of the last decade, Noosa doesn't shy away from fat. The resulting yogurt is decadently creamy and rich, making it an equally viable option for breakfast or dessert.

The latest innovation from the Colorado-based company goes a little more mainstream along the lines of Chobani and Fage. Last month Noosa announced it was going to release a new line of yogurt called "mates," which basically combines their yogurt with a small packet of mix-ins.


Recipe: One-Pan Basil-Plum Pork Chops — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

I like to think of plums as the silent heroes of summer, sitting patiently among other more celebrated stone fruit like peaches and nectarines. Biting into a perfectly ripe, juicy plum is a rite of summer, and turning plums into dinner is one of the best ways to give them a place in the spotlight. When roasted with bone-in pork chops, plums get a bit jammy and turn into a sweet-savory sauce built around a few pantry staples and finished with a fistful of soft basil leaves. All this quick one-pan dinner needs is a crisp salad and a crusty loaf of bread for capturing all that saucy goodness.


3 Yoga Moves to Do After Getting Back from Vacation — A Vacation from Your Vacation

Vacation is the best. Until it's over, that is, and everything catches up with you – the yummy but maybe-a-tad-too-rich foods, the day drinking, the hours knotted up in a plane criss-crossing time zones. No wonder we come home feeling worse than when we left!

The good news is that something as simple as a few basic yoga moves can make you feel so much better after your globe-trekking trip.

Just back from a whirlwind, six-time-zone, trans-Atlantic, three-day trip myself, I was thrilled to talk with Canyon Ranch fitness instructor Mona Glasgow (who just so happens to be a former flight attendant) for some tips on how yoga can help us recuperate from some of the biggest pitfalls of vacation.


Recipe: Tomato-Basil Chicken and Rice — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Summer needs comfort food just as much as every other season. Sure, there are those super-hot days when you can really only manage to eat a salad for dinner, but there are other days when you crave something a little more satisfying. Maybe the heat finally broke or there's a summer storm brewing — whatever the reason, it's important to have recipes on hand that fit that mood. This one is exactly that. Chicken thighs bake on a bed of rice that has been flavored with diced, in-season tomatoes for a crowd-pleasing casserole that needs nothing more than a handful of chopped fresh basil to make it taste like summer.


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