5 Iced Coffee Upgrades That Make It Even Easier to Get Your Caffeine Fix — Recipe Templates from The Kitchn

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Some may argue that iced coffee is such a perfect warm-weather drink, so why not just leave well and good alone? You see, I don't agree because it's a perfect template for experimentation. Coffee works well with so many other flavors that riffing on the beverage is not only fun, but it also turns out to be seriously successful. If you thought regular iced coffee was great, just wait until you give one (or all) of these twists a try.


How Grocery Shopping Is My Own Little Feminist Act — My Healthy

I'm a proud feminist, and I also love to cook. Even more, I love to grocery shop. Picking out a recipe and then hitting the supermarket to put the necessary ingredients into my basket is a small thrill for me during what I'd describe as a bleak time, politically. Of course, just walking into a grocery store to go shopping or stepping into the kitchen to cook can feel like trading in your values and beliefs for age-old gender norms.

Sometimes, I get so giddy in the grocery store that I feel like a feminist failure. Am I doing this wrong? Is it possible to smash the patriarchy with one hand and pick out a package of chicken breasts with the other?

I like to think that the answer is yes.

In a world where women are regularly and systematically stripped of our right to make choices and control our own lives, grocery shopping can be an act of feminism. At least it is for me.


This Is the Most Popular Bacon Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

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In case you were wondering, it's always a great time for bacon. Morning, noon, and night; birthdays and Valentine's Day; when you're alone and when you're with friends. Let's face it — when you're happy it makes you happier, and when you're sad it cheers you up. And even though it's especially hearty and delicious in cold weather, there's no reason you can't still enjoy it now that it's warm outside.

Looking for a new way to use this kitchen staple? We've found the most popular bacon recipe on Pinterest, and it's not what you might think.


These Are the Most Popular Talenti Gelato Flavors — Grocery News

Just in time for National Ice Cream Day (yes, it's today!), Talenti let us in on a little secret regarding the best-selling gelato flavors from their utterly delicious brand. You would think that flavors like Tahitian Vanilla Bean or even Double Dark Chocolate would be up at the very top because those are classics, right? But it turns out that they didn't even make the top five.

Here are the most popular Talenti flavors right now — have you tried any of them?


I Went on a Key Lime Pie Road Trip with My Dad — Road Trips for Food-Lovers

After months of deliberation, my father and I finally settled on the Florida Keys for our long-overdue father-daughter trip. The decision was primarily made due to its neutral proximity for us flying in from opposite coasts. Plus, it was just a place both of us had always wanted to go.

Our route would take us roughly 100 miles from Key Largo to Kew West via US 1, aka the Overseas Highway. This iconic two-lane road with 42 (!!!) bridges is one of the most scenic: Imagine limestone islets, working docks and marinas, and the most beautiful shades of aqua marine water you've ever seen.

It is also one of the most delicious — so long as you love key lime pie. It is almost impossible to drive this route and not notice the plethora of signs and stores selling key lime products, every single one of which touts their pie as either "The Best Key Lime Pie," or "The Original Key Lime Pie."


This Is How To Clean Out Your Fridge (Without Wasting Tons of Food) — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → How To Clean Out Your Fridge (Without Wasting Tons of Food)


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