5 Affordable Wines Real French People Drink — Bastille Day

French wine has always intimidated me. My love for wine blossomed in Italy and for years I felt quite content drinking bottles almost exclusively from there. Italian wines felt approachable to me — and more importantly, many were and continue to be quite affordable for my lifestyle.

Yet as my interest in wine has grown over the years, I've slowly dipped into French wine. And you know what? There really isn't much to worry about. Sure, there are plenty of fancy, expensive bottles out there, but a good chunk of the great wine that comes out of the country is easy to drink and easy on your wallet.

These affordable wines are also the wines real French people drink — and they're the ones you should drink, too.


How To Grill Peaches: The Easiest, Simplest Method — Peachy Keen

The grill has the ability to elevate sweet, juicy peaches from over-the-sink snack to dessert or a side dish with nothing more than heat. Grilled peaches are the kind of magic that happens in a hot grill's twilight — when dinner is nearly done, and sweet fruit is the only thing that can be reasonably paired with the cold wine and the ice cream destined for dessert.

The truth is that grilled peaches are stunningly simple. They only require fresh peaches and olive oil, make the most of residual heat from a cooling grill, and can play side dish to grilled meats or become a knock-out summer dessert. Here's how to make the best peaches on the grill in just four steps.


25 Peach Recipes to Make This Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn

For me, the arrival of summer fruit is like a musical crescendo. It starts softly with the strawberries and blueberries, grows more wonderful with sweet and sour cherries, and culminates in the fruit I wait for all season: sweet, juicy peaches. They're finally here, and it is time to gobble them up!

From crisps and crumbles to salads and sangria, here are 25 sweet and savory peach recipes to that bushel into drinks, dinner, and dessert.


10 Ways to Turn a Bag of Fresh Green Beans into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

Even though we can find fresh green beans at the grocery store year-round, they're currently hitting peak season right about now, so there is no better time to gobble them up. You'll find them piling up at farmers markets, where the prices are low and their flavor is bigger than ever. Crisp green beans are super versatile and there's no shortage of ways to cook them up. From a weeknight stir-fry to a lemony side dish, here are 10 delicious ways to bring fresh green beans to the table all summer.


My Favorite Healthy Recipes: Leah from Brooklyn, New York — My Healthy Recipes

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Welcome to Kitchn's new series My Favorite Healthy Recipes, where we show you how real people around the country (and even world) eat "healthy," however they choose to define that for themselves. Maybe you'll even find a few recipes to add to your own meal plan.

Name: Leah Vanderveldt
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 31
Occupation: Food writer and cookbook author
Number of people in household: 2 (me and my husband)


How I Keep the Magic Alive After I Come Back from Vacation — A Vacation from Your Vacation

Coming home from an amazing trip can be a huge buzzkill. Planning a trip is so exciting, dreaming about incredible meals and adventures galore, and then you have such a good time when you're actually there, of course. But then there's that very real misery that is modern travel and coming home to work and laundry and, well, life. Post-trip blues can be hard on a person.

How to get through? What helps me is to weave the magic of travels into everyday life. And that often entails bringing a literal taste of the trip home — or at least something whose sight, smell, or touch can whisk me back for just a moment.


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