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Y'all, July is heating up to a swelter in Georgia right now following a rain-filled June. After a weekend of cooking in the heat, I'm saying no more and planning a week of low-cook meals. There will be no turning on the oven and absolutely no grilling this week.

The key to successfully avoiding the stove this week is grabbing some precooked proteins at the grocery store (you could easily avoid the extra expense by doing a little meal prep over the weekend with the air conditioning cranked to 11). Here's what we eat when it's too damn hot to eat.


Recipe: Almond Peach Pit Milk — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

When you're knee-deep in peaches this summer and you've got their sticky juice running down to your elbows, make this recipe. It actually doesn't call for the sweet, fleshy fruit at all — it calls for the pits, those nubby, hard-as-rock things that usually get thrown into the trash or compost pile. They might not look like much, but they hold a whole lot of flavor inside. Here, when steeped in almond milk, they transform a seemingly simple-looking glass of the non-dairy stuff into one with serious character: It's deeper in almond flavor and just ever-so-slightly reminiscent of peaches. Drink it straight; pour it over granola, museli, and oatmeal; or use it to make a peach smoothie even peachier.


Recipe: Sparkling Raspberry Ginger Beer — Summer Pitcher Cocktails

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I casually set this pitcher cocktail and some ice-filled glasses out for a group of friends — bourbon-lovers (myself included) and non-bourbon-lovers alike. I didn't give too much away about what was in the drink. Those who claimed they weren't a fan of the brown spirit went for a second pour before the rest of us did.

That's because this drink is so much more than whiskey — it's fruity, gingery, and, most importantly, bubbly. These elements make it a hit among a crowd. The bourbon adds a nutty, caramel-like note to the pitcher to round it out, so truly everyone ends up being a fan. And for you, the host, did I mention this only requires three hard-working ingredients?


Do You Really Have to Wait 30 Minutes to Swim After Eating? — Wellness

Imagine your perfect summer day: You sleep in late, make your way to the beach (or lake, or pool), and spend the rest of the afternoon alternating between napping in the sun, eating hot dogs, and taking a dip.

Outside of remembering to re-slather yourself with sunscreen, there's not a lot you have to worry about — except for that whole old adage about waiting 30 minutes to swim after you scarf down your lunch or have an ice cream cone.

What's the deal with this theory, anyway? Where did it come from, and do you really have to worry about it?


This Is the Most Popular Watermelon Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

(Image credit: Tastes Better from Scratch)

The Fourth of July may be but a firework-studded glorious memory, but the foods of summer are still in full swing! There's plenty of time for fire-grilled burgers, lobster rolls in served hot dog buns (of course!), and fresh, juicy watermelon.

Although many might say the perfect way to serve watermelon is just to cut yourself a wedge and dig in, there are some who can't help but gild the lily. The trick is doing that by enhancing the watermelon's natural sweet flavor and naturally spongy texture without competing with it. The last thing you want to do is cover up all that delicious, juicy watermelon taste. To that effect, the most popular watermelon recipe on Pinterest is firing on all cylinders. Plus, it's a cinch to make with your kids.


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