Recipe: Sausage and Greens Breakfast Casserole — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

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When you want an egg dish to feed a crowd or make enough breakfast for the week, breakfast casseroles are just the ticket. Eggs hold together whatever ingredients you want to put in the baking dish, and in this case it's a filling combination of frozen diced potatoes, savory sausage, a whole bag of baby spinach, and, of course, a few handfuls of shredded cheese. This casserole is a bit like a diner omelette and breakfast potatoes all in one dish, and it's nice to start the day knowing you've already had a serving of greens!


This Is the Top Ice Cream Recipe on Pinterest — On Trend

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It's finally time for ice cream! Although you can definitely make your own ice cream from scratch, you aren't alone if you buy your pints or half gallons and make your own recipes from there. After all, the most popular Pinterest ice cream "recipe" stars after you open the carton of ice cream.


Recipe: Strawberry Honey Butter — Recipes from The Kitchn

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When strawberries are in season, it's hard not to inhale the cartons you bring home immediately before even thinking about what else you'll do with them. I encourage you, however, to put some aside to make this butter — rich with all that fruity flavor, enhanced by honey and orange zest, and just begging to be slathered on toast or biscuits and melted all over your pancakes and waffles.

When the season is said and done, a taste of this butter will be a welcome reminder of just how sweet it was.


Next Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Shortcut Suppers for the Week Ahead — Next Week’s Meal Plan

Instead of spending my Friday night meal planning, cocktail in hand, I made a Trader Joe's run. To be honest, I went for peonies and to get out of the house by myself, as my husband has been out of town for the last few weeks. I walked out $100 poorer and peony-less (they were out). What I did gain was a freezer full of shortcuts to get me through another 10 days of solo parenting while my husband is gone again.

This week's meal plan is inspired by some freezer shortcuts that I stocked up on at Trader Joe's, but none of the recipes here require TJ's-specific ingredients — many of these shortcuts can be found at any store. Plus these meals still make the most of summer produce while making dinnertime faster.


My Mom Travels with the Vitamix of Coffeemakers — Travel Bites

There are a few things you should know about my mom. First, she is not a traveler. This is largely because she is (second) a creature of habit and travel challenges her everyday routine (which is probably why I love travel so much, but that is another story). The last thing you should know about my mom is that she takes her coffee just as seriously as she does her cleaning — which is to say very, very seriously.

All of these things together help explain why she now travels with what I call the Vitamix of coffeemakers.


Amazon Is Hiring 5,000 New Work-from-Home Jobs This Year — Apartment Therapy

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