How To Use KitchenAid Ice Cream Makers — Ice Cream Lessons from The Kitchn

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For over three years, I had an ice cream maker sitting in my basement unused. I know how to (and love) making ice cream bases, but I had one excuse for not using the ice cream maker I had: I didn't know how to use it. My ice cream maker was actually the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer, but it was a hand-me-down from a test kitchen I worked in and the instructions had long been lost. So in the basement it stayed.

While doing a bunch of research on which new ice cream maker I should buy, I discovered that the KitchenAid ice cream maker is beloved among even professional ice cream makers. It's only one of few ice cream machines on the market with adjustable speeds. So I set out to figure out how the thing actually works and master my favorite ice cream flavor — coffee — at once.


What’s the Difference Between China and Dinnerware? — The Happy Ever After Kitchen

With more and more people forgoing traditional china sets in favor of basic everyday dinnerware (only 26 percent of today's couples register for formal dinnerware — and some grow to regret not registering for it!), it's still important to know what's what. After all, how can you make an informed decision if you're not informed? And while each plate may resemble the next, there are important differences between traditional china and dinnerware.


Recipe: Dahi Vadey — Ramadan Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Jerrelle Guy)

Dahi vadey, which literally translates to yogurt fritters, are fried chickpea-based fritters soaked in a savory yogurt base. The fritters are slightly tangy and a bit sour, thanks to the yogurt. They get their heat from the spices included in the batter and in the tadka, or tempering oil, that's poured over right before serving. This dish is a classic staple of any Hyderbadi Indian iftar spread, and a requirement on my own family's table.


25 Hearty Sandwiches to Make for Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

Somewhere along the line, the sandwich got defined as lunch food. That's a shame because if you stuff good bread with enough hearty, flavorful things, a dinner sandwich can be the best meal of all. Maybe it's something as simple and satisfying as a grilled cheese stuffed with juicy slices of tomato, a hot and indulgent French dip, or a cold sandwich piled high with deli meats and cheeses. We rounded up our 25 most favorite sandwiches that fit the bill for the evening meal — utensils not required, but you may definitely need a napkin or two.


Your Grilled Veggies Want You to Pay Better Attention to Them — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Karen Biton-Cohen)

When it comes to vegetables, the line between grilled and sacrificed to the fire gods is thin. The goal of grilling proteins is to grill them until cooked sufficiently to eat. With vegetables and fruit, the goal line can, and should, move. Sometimes we seek only a wispy waft of smoky flavor, or a crosshatch of grill marks, or deckled edges of finishing char. Other times we want the food cooked through, good and plenty. A key to grilling vegetables is to decide the end game, to know the answer to "Why am I doing this?" Reliable grilling recipes can light your path and teach you the basics, but no matter where you're headed, no matter the recipe, here are a few tips that make it a better ride.


Our Favorite Snacks from Amazon’s Wickedly Prime — Shopping

In what we can only assume is Amazon's attempt to take over the world, the online giant launched its own brand of snack foods and drinks in December. The adorably named Wickedly Prime line even features the cheeky arrow smiley we all know and love — this time with a little satisfied tongue.

The items are exclusively available to Prime members (seriously, if you're not a Prime member yet, get on it!) and, wait for it, they're really good! There aren't a ton of items available right now, but reps say more items will be added in the coming months.

Join now: Amazon Prime

We recently got a giant basket of treats, which we then ate promptly. Here are our thoughts on our five favorite items.


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