You Might be Able to Order Your IKEA Goodies from Amazon in 2018 — Shopping News

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The best parts of IKEA are the prices, the look of many of the pieces, and all the amazing "hacks" there are online to make your inexpensive furniture look ultra chic (I'm looking at you, RÅSKOG cart).

The worst part is everything else. You know what I'm talking about. The schlepping, the searching, the lengthy checkout lines, the loading of the furniture, then getting home and building an entire bedroom using only an allen key and sheer will.

Though the building part won't change, everything else could get a lot easier starting in 2018. Reuters is reporting that IKEA will start selling products on third party websites like — wait for it — Amazon.


Recipe: Summer Vegetables Sub Sandwich with Garlic Cream Cheese — Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

You're hitting the road in just under an hour, the bags are packed, the house is tidy, and then you hear it: the hungry gurgle of an empty belly. Not wanting to mess up the kitchen, you reach for a few pantry ingredients and the half a container of cream cheese languishing in the fridge. The goal? Only dirty the dishes you can throw in the dishwasher you'll run before you leave, but also make a tasty sandwich you can eat now or in the car.

Enter: the summer vegetable sub sandwich. Gilded with a flavorful cream cheese and topped with just a handful of fresh vegetables and a few jarred ones, this sandwich is just the sort of thing to fuel your trip. Plus, it travels incredibly well. Here's how to make it without messing up the kitchen.


7 Homemade Gifts Kids Can Help Make for Dad — Father’s Day

A big hug for Dad from his kids on Father's Day is enough to make him smile, but have the kids surprise him with an edible gift and he'll really be grinning from ear to ear. These simple treats are easy enough for kids to assemble and, with a little help from a grown-up, they're a sweet way to make Dad feel special.


The Easiest Aromatic You Can Grow Indoors — Simple Gardens

Perhaps you've seen all those hacks online showing that you can regrow your scallions simply by placing the white bulbs in a cup of water (and maybe eventually putting them in soil)? Perhaps you've doubted that it really can be that easy? I'm here to tell you it is, indeed, that easy!

It is not hard to have a continuous supply of scallions. Of course, the more you know, the better your results will be. Here's a quick tutorial on growing and harvesting your own scallions at home.


15 Essential Items Every Couple Should Register For — The Happy Ever After Kitchen

We've already covered why wedding registries are a necessary evil. (For those who missed it, the abridged version goes something like this: Everyone is going to ask where you're registered, people are going to buy you stuff no matter what, you might love being able to pull out a platter that your grandmother gave you long after she's gone, etc.).

Convinced? Yay! Staring at a blank computer screen wondering where to start? Boo!

Don't worry — we've complied a list of the 15 essential kitchen items you should register for, and we've gone as far as to list the exact product you should ask for, sometimes even with options based on your tastes. Consider it our wedding present to you. We'll just assume our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail?


Beat the Heat with These Popsicle Molds, Which Are More than Half Off Right Now — Amazon Deal of The Day

This week is going to be a hot one (at least most of the week, anyway — weather, what is going on with you?) and we can only imagine what is in store for the next few months. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat: For example, you could jump into a swimming pool, drink all the rosé, stick your head into the freezer, or make a ton of ice pops — and eat them.

We suggest trying all of those methods, and we can help with the latter. We found these bright and colorful silicone ice pop molds, which happen to be on super sale (half off!) on Amazon right now. Plus, we have a bunch of refreshing recipes you can make.


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