Next Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Easy Dinners to Welcome Summer — Next Week’s Meal Plan

Summer has officially hit full swing around here. My kids have started their various summer camps, which include a later wake-up time and bedtime, pushing dinner a little later into the evening each day. This transition from our normal school year routine to our summer one is so refreshing after how crazy jam-packed our May calendar was.

This week's meal plan is all about welcoming summer into our kitchen. Don't worry — it still includes family friendly fare that's easy to get on the table and a surprising change to our Pizza Friday ritual.


18 One-Pot Summer Suppers for When You Don’t Want to Cook — Recipes from The Kitchn

As sure as there are seven days in the week, I can count on the fact that at least one of those days, I'll come home from work feeling totally drained. On these nights, I want nothing more than to plop on the couch with Netlfix and takeout. And, I'll be honest, sometimes that is exactly what I do. But most of the time, the thing that saves me from blowing my budget on egg rolls and Kung Pao chicken is the one-pot dinner.

When dinner comes together in a single pot, it means a low-fuss meal that's better for my wallet and probably better for me, too. So, when you just don't feel like cooking, consider these 18 dinners your lifeline. With options like zoodles and meatballs, burrito bowls, and a savory Dutch baby, they're delicious and totally doable.


This Is the Top Pasta Salad Recipe, According to Pinterest — On Trend

(Image credit: Budget Bytes)

If you're attending a BBQ or picnic in the next few months, then you know that pasta salad will be on the menu. In fact, pasta salad is so ubiquitous in summer that it should probably be added to the summer commandments of cooking. It's the perfect thing to bring to a potluck because it's heartier than a salad, but less complicated than a main dish for grilling (let someone else make the grilled chicken).

Looking for a pasta recipe that everyone will love? Pinterest has just the thing. I've found the most popular pasta salad recipe on the platform and it's super easy to make.


Recipe: Tomato and Feta Galette — Quick and Easy Vegetarian Dinners

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Now that the first really good tomatoes of summer are showing up at farmers markets, I think we should all add a "tomato night" to our meal plans. And to get you started, I recommend this stunning galette because it is the most delicious way to eat tomatoes and cheese for dinner. It partners sweet tomatoes with woodsy thyme and creamy feta, then wraps it up with a buttery, flaky crust for a rustic, free-form pie that's easy enough to pull together even when you don't really feel like cooking.


A 13-Minute Cleaning Routine to Keep Your Pantry Pest-Free — Leave the Outdoors Outside

Did you know that the phrase "Pantry Pests" is actually a real term for bugs that like to feed on packaged goods? The technical term includes all sorts of things like Indian meal moths, sawtooth grain beetles, cigarette beetles, and drugstore beetles. The pros know all sorts of things about these pests, but as a homeowner (or renter!), all you really need to know is this: They're going to eat your food.

A little contamination probably won't hurt you, but regular infestations can contribute to food waste and cost you money over time. And the same factors that attract pantry pests can also attract mice. While they're (slightly) cuter, mice pose a serious risk of contaminating your food (because they, to put it delicately, do their business everywhere) and contributing to respiratory issues (because of chemicals in their excrement).

Grossed out yet? Great! Then you'll love this easy, 13-minute cleaning routine to keep your pantry pest-free.


A Perfect Day with Mexico City Instagrammer @mexicanfoodporn — Morning, Noon & Night

Few cities are as compulsively photographable as Mexico's capital. In this sprawling metropolis of 21 million souls, a hodgepodge of architectural styles, bustling street scenes, and the riotous colors of everything from fruit vendors' displays to the city's impressive assortment of old-school vans all call out for a moment in front of the lens.

But Mexico City's most photo-friendly feature is undoubtedly its food. From loaded street tacos to multi-hued aguas frescas, the city's impressively sophisticated — yet equally accessible — cuisine is almost as fun to document as it is to eat. Just ask Juan de Dios Garza Vela, who chronicles Mexico City's street food and fine restaurant cuisine under the handle @mexicanfoodporn.

We chatted with Vela about his drool-inducing Instagram account and, importantly, got his best picks for a perfect day of eating in Mexico City.


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