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10 Surprising Places You Can Build a Wedding Registry — The Happy Ever After Wedding Registry

(Image credit: IKEA)

You know that you can go play with one of those fun scanner guns (or your phone, because it's 2017!) at the usual registry-friendly shops like Macy's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. But did you know that more and more retailers are launching their very own registry services? They are!

These stores and sites often offer completion discounts (so that after your wedding you can buy anything you really wanted but didn't get), extra-long return windows (in case you decide you really don't need that chaffing dish after all), gift trackers (to ensure that you don't forget to send the proper thank you cards), and free little bonus gifts just because!

Here's a list of some surprising places you can turn to when it comes to building your wedding registry.

Note: There are also plenty of sites (like Zola and SimpleRegistry) that allow you to add products from any store to one comprehensive registry, so that's an option too. Plus, there are all sorts of sites that let you register for your honeymoon, a downpayment on a house, or even charitable donations.


The Message I Wish Every Cook Would Hang in Her Kitchen — Kitchen Hang-Ups

What do you look at in your kitchen every day? Are you lucky enough to have a window to the outdoors? Do you paper your refrigerator with cheerful photographic reminders of parties and good times? Do you have a favorite piece of art?

If you're looking for something to fix your focus upon in the kitchen, artistically speaking, here's one message I wish you would consider.


Recipe: One-Bowl Vanilla Cake: Funfetti Cupcakes — Recipes from The Kitchn

Funfetti is fun, but you know what is even more fun? One-bowl confetti cupcakes, one of the many recipes that show off the versatility of our one-bowl vanilla cake recipe. Need a quick cupcake for your school bake sale or a cute dessert to take to book club? These funfetti cupcakes fit the bill and don't require any special ingredients, skills, or cleanup.


5 (3-Ingredient) Apps That Almost Everyone at the Party Can Eat — Appy Hour

When you're gathering friends for a party, there's bound to be concern about making food that everyone can eat. You may have a gluten-free guest, someone who is vegan, or maybe both, along with that friend who eats absolutely everything — so how do you please the whole gang? These appetizers are a good start. They all cover almost every dietary restriction while still managing to be so tasty that those without any will love them just the same.


How Many of These Lemony Treats Have You Tried? — Shopping

Some people like lemons. And then there are those who really like lemons — as in, they're total lemonheads and like to suck on lemon slices as if they're oranges. Is that you? We'll assume yes. You wouldn't have clicked on this story if it wasn't!

With that settled, we'd like to know how many of these lemon treats you've had before. Take a look! And then start making plans to try the ones that are new to you.


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