6 Budget-Friendly Folding Chairs Your Guests Won’t Mind Sitting On — Shopping

That roast chicken? You've got that totally under control. You're more worried about where all your dinner party guests are going to sit. You don't exactly want to drag patio furniture into the house or roll your computer chair up to the table. We've got you covered!

Here are a handful folding chairs that will look great at the table and then easily get packed away when your company goes home.


You’ll Want to Get on Board with This Gallery Wall Idea — Kitchen Hang-Ups

If you've been bored by the art options available for your kitchen or dining room, perhaps this might be of interest: Lately, we've been obsessing over the idea to turn cutting boards into a gallery wall. (Get it? Bored and boards?)


20 Vegetarian Meals You Can Make for Lunch or Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

One of the top qualities I seek in most recipes is versatility. I know I've found a good one when it's something that can easily pull double duty as lunch or dinner. This lineup of vegetarian options leans on pantry staples and whole, protein-rich foods to make a meal that's filling and light enough for lunch, yet substantial enough to serve as supper. From chickpea salad to warm grain bowls, these 20 vegetarian recipes can fit into your meal plan as lunch or dinner.


The One Kitchen Unitasker I Can Actually Get Behind — One Good Thing

I see a lot of so-called innovative products for my job. Someone recently pitched me a tool specifically designed for breaking up cauliflower. I've seen all the yolk separators in the world. (Yes, I see that it's shaped like a robot. No, I'm still not impressed!) And if one more company shows me an avocado tool, I might scream.

All of that is to say that I'm always skeptical of products that claim to make life easier, better, or faster — especially ones that are total unitaskers. So imagine my surprise when I saw one that actually made my jaw drop. I had to have one.

What was it? The Lékué Citrus Sprayer. Allow me to explain.


A Mother’s Day Breakfast Menu You Can Prep the Night Before — Mother’s Day

Treating Mom to a cozy breakfast celebration is always a great way to kick off Mother's Day. We want to help you pull it off, so we put together a menu that lets you celebrate and do much of the work ahead of time. There's a sparkling herbal tea mocktail, avocado deviled eggs, and a gorgeous, fruit-studded grain salad.

This menu feeds six to eight people comfortably and can be totally prepped the day before, so all that's left are a few finishing touches in the morning. We've even included a timeline on exactly how you can pull this together in advance.


Have You Tried Adding Collagen to Your Coffee? — On Trend

You might associate collagen with expensive wrinkle creams, but if wellness bloggers and Instagrammers have their way, you'll soon be seeing this ingredient in a whole new light. A trend I've been noticing is people adding collagen powder directly into their morning cup of coffee. It's apparently tasteless and potentially provides a whole bunch of health benefits, such as improved digestion and joint recovery.

But how did this trend start, and what the heck is collagen anyway? The answer to both questions starts with bone broth.


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