This Is America’s Favorite Grocery Store Right Now — Grocery News

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A lot of variables go into determining a favorite supermarket: location convenience, items retailed, prices, and quality of products are a few. Sometimes, it's even nostalgia or a personal bias.

Thanks to a customer satisfaction survey from Morning Consult Intelligence, a public opinion data company, there's some insight into what, broadly, is America's favorite grocery store.


The 5 Best Costco Appetizers to Buy (and What to Skip) — Grocery Intelligence

If you're a Costco regular, then there's no doubt you're well acquainted with just how often this massive store can come to the rescue when you're getting ready to feed a crowd. While there are a ton of great buys, Costco really wins in the appetizer department. Here are the best Costco appetizers to add to your cart, and the ones that are worth skipping.


How Long Does Jello Last? — Ingredient Intelligence

There's not a time when jello or unflavored powdered gelatin hasn't taken up a small space in the corner of my pantry. And it's not because I make jello on a regular basis. Jello simply falls into that category of ingredients I know will come in handy at some point, and because it won't go bad anytime soon.


Our Best Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Better Bouquet — Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The party problem: It's Mother's Day! And you have zero presents to give your mom! You could stop at the supermarket and get her flowers, but eh — you want to do something a little more creative and fun for her. (She deserves it!) Oh, and she's allergic to flowers anyway.

The party trick: Swing by your local kitchen store to pick up a bunch of super-colorful tools and turn them into a cute makeshift bouquet.


5 New York Bartenders Share Their Best Hangover Cures — In Good Spirits

No one understands hangovers better than those who spend their working lives among an endless supply of booze. While you're probably aware of the general go-to hangover remedies — a Bloody Mary; Gatorade; a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich — what can the experts tell us? Their suggestions stray from the usual coconut water and breakfast burrito.

Chances are good you haven't heard of these traditional Dominican cures or the stomach-settling power of Fernet Branca, so here are five professional drinkers on how they recover from a night that left them feeling awful the next day.


10 Weeknight-Friendly Casseroles You Can Make in Less than an Hour — Recipes from The Kitchn

A casserole for dinner always sounds like a good idea given its throw-together construction and its ability to feed many mouths, but it often takes much longer to bake — not so helpful on those busy weeknights. Cooking it for well over an hour sort of negates the convenience factor a little, no? Luckily, these 10 casseroles cook up in much less than an hour — some in under 30 minutes — making them the ultimate choice for a quick meal that feeds the whole family on your schedule.


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