A Recipe for Thanksgiving in July — Comment of the Day

This reader wrote in with a dilemma: she's saddled with a frozen turkey that needs to be used up quickly. What to do? I loved one commenter's approach: Embrace Thanksgiving, summer-style. Here's her recipe for Thanksgiving in July. What else would you add?


Can You Recommend a Good Glass-Jar Blender? — Good Questions

Q: I'm in the market for a new blender and getting overwhelmed by all the options! I know Vitamix and Blendtec are considered the best brands, but I don't feel comfortable spending that much on a blender. Besides, while those (and others) are BPA-free, it seems the plastics that are used might not be great either.


15 Grilling Recipes to Double for Tomorrow’s Salad — Tips from The Kitchn

Summertime cookouts are fun ways to enjoy long, warm days; escape the hot kitchen; and have a cold drink while manning the grill. Summer is also when I crave cool salads for lunch but don't really want spend extra time in the kitchen prepping all the ingredients.

Here's a mindset I've adopted that maximizes my grill time and results in delicious salads the next day with almost no prep: I plan to grill extra food so there are great leftovers to throw into tomorrow's lunch salad!


Colorful Cabinets in the Kitchen — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → Everything Old is New Again: Multi-colored Cabinets in the Kitchen


5 Tips for Better Salad Dressing — Tips from The Kitchn

Salad dressing can sometimes seem like an afterthought, something to quickly pick up at the supermarket while we focus more on the greens and toppings. But think about it this way: Dressing is like the music score to a movie, the undercurrent that weaves its way through the entire experience. A good dressing, like a good music score, works with every part of the salad and rounds everything out into a complete package, so it's worth a little bit more attention.

Make a homemade salad dressing with these tips in mind, and your next salad will be a perfect harmony of delicious dressing, greens, and toppings!


I Made My Niece’s Wedding Cake and Survived to Tell the Tale — Winning at Weddings

When my niece announced her wedding date, I knew I wanted to give her an extra-special gift. Without thinking too much about it, I called her up and volunteered to make her wedding cake. She was thrilled, and we immediately began to discuss possibilities, but when I hung up the phone 10 minutes later, my first thought was, "What I have I gotten myself into?" My impulse to offer the cake was pure, but the reality and responsibility of making a wedding cake hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly I remembered how much — how very, very much — can go wrong!


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