Pro Tips for Picking a Perfect Peach — Grower Tour

Who: Lane Southern Orchards
What: Georgia Peaches
Where: Fort Valley, GA

There is perhaps no Southern fruit prized as highly as the peach. It's Georgia’s food claim to fame. This time of year, folks buy the soft, red-blushed globes with golden flesh by the bushel to bake up in sticky cobblers, churn into cool ice cream, and enjoy in a hundred other ways. But if you want to end up with a pie that’s “peachy keen,” you’ve got to start with good product.

We asked Wendy Barton at Lane Southern Orchards, in the heart of Georgia’s prime peach-producing area, how to pick a perfect peach.


Some Advice for Feeding Guests Staying for the Weekend — How to Be a Grownup

Living in New Orleans, it isn't difficult to convince family and friends to come visit for a few days, which is why our extra bedroom has been more guest room than office in the year since my family and I moved here. We rarely had weekend guests when we lived in Los Angeles, so figuring out how to plan with, shop for, and feed a houseful of guests has been a learning process, but we've finally landed on what works for us.

Here's how I make sure guests are happy and well-fed all weekend, while keeping it low-stress and easy for me.


The Best Foods to Pack for the Beach — Tips from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Noam Armonn/Shutterstock)

Packing food for a picnic in the park is pretty easy. But when your picnic happens to be on the beach, there's a new set of rules and a few more factors to consider before filling your basket or cooler.


Can You Guess the Recipe Based on the Food Emojis? — Emoji Intelligence

How well-versed are you in the language of emoji? You might slap on a smiley face or a heart at the end of a text conversation every once in a while, but can you navigate the world of food emojis with your eyes closed? Do you dream in little icons of rice, fruit, and fish cakes?

Well, it's time to test your skills. I've described 10 recipes from The Kitchn's archives with the help of some emojis. Can you guess the recipes?


Recipe: Cherry-Vanilla Soda Syrup — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn

This syrup was inspired by a drink at Vena's Fizz House in Portland, Maine, which is an amazing emporium of handcrafted cocktails and mocktails made with in-house syrups and bitters. Made with just a few ingredients, this is the cherry soda you've always dreamed of, with just a hint of velvety oomph from a whole vanilla bean.


10 Bright, Cheery Yellow Kitchens — Look We Love

Yellow just might be the most cheerful color there is — which is just one of the reasons we think it's perfect for the kitchen (and The Kitchn, as evidenced by our logo, hehe).

Whether a bright lemon shade on the walls, or it's a more goldenrod hue displayed in accent pieces, yellow is a solid choice to make your kitchen a happier place. Here are 10 of our favorite sunshine-filled kitchens.


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