Before & After: 1902 Victorian Gets a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen — Reader Kitchen Remodel

When Christina, of the blog Christina's Adventures, wrote in to us about her kitchen remodel in a 1902 Victorian home, she called the before kitchen a "pit of despair." While it might not be quite that desperate, we do agree it was in need of a serious makeover.

Fortunately, Christina and her husband are old pros at kitchen remodels after completing their first remodel in 2014. Take a look at how the kitchen looks now.


Pad Thai Spring Rolls: So You Never Have to Choose — Delicious Links

One of life's greatest dilemmas is deciding whether to make pad Thai or spring rolls for dinner. Pad Thai is warm and comforting, while spring rolls are crisp and light — but what if you're in the mood for both?

Now, thanks to these pad Thai spring rolls, you don't have to choose.


Can I Add Vodka to My Bourbon-Based Vanilla Extract? — Good Questions

Q: I made some vanilla extract last year using bourbon instead of vodka — super yummy. I just noticed yesterday that I need to add more alcohol to the bottle (I'm getting low, oh no!), and I have plenty of vodka on hand, but no bourbon.


What Can I Substitute for Hungarian Paprika? — Good Questions

Q: If I don't have Hungarian paprika, which paprika should I use?

Sent by Fran


Use Coconut Flakes for a Meat-Free Bacon Bit — Swap It Out

The salads of my youth were nothing like the salads I eat today — they rarely included a mix of vegetables or a single whole grain, nor a dressing from anything other than a bottle — and that’s because, as a kid, my salad of choice was a classic wedge salad. In my house, the wedge salad consisted of a crescent-shaped chunk of iceberg lettuce (or what I like to call “crunchy water leaves”), topped with an avalanche of ranch dressing, and a hailstorm of bacon bits.


The Strange Cultural History of Vanilla — Food News

Why is it that when we want to describe something as bland we call it "vanilla"? Maybe because the flavoring — in both extract and bean form — has become ubiquitous. It's nearly impossible to find a baking recipe that doesn't include vanilla.


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