Another Tiny Tool for Pitting Cherries — Comment of the Day

Not up for buying (and storing) a cherry pitter this season? Well, if you still crave fresh cherry pie, we have a few ways for you to pit those cherries with small items found around the house. Here's one more I wouldn't have thought of — suggested by two readers.


What Are the Best Appliances to Buy for Cooking Real Meals While Traveling? — Good Questions

Q: What are the best appliances to buy for cooking real meals while traveling and living in motels?

Sent by Michele


When a Southerner Tells You How to Cook Green Beans, Shut Up and Listen — Vegetable State of Mind

Few aspects of Southern country cookery are more maligned and misunderstood than the issue of how long to cook vegetables, such as fresh snap beans. Cynics raise a great hue and cry that green beans should be only teased with cooking, leaving them as firm and bright as an emerald.

But unless one is dealing only with those prissy stringless beans the thickness of dental floss, there is nothing smart about that prevailing wisdom. We Appalachian cooks know better. We know beans.


11 Ways to Make Your Rental Kitchen More Stylish — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → 11 Ways to Add a Little Style to Your Rental Kitchen


Why I Didn’t Do a Champagne Toast at My Wedding — Strong Opinions

I love Champagne. I think it goes with absolutely everything, I like it more than regular wine, and I even belong to a sparkling wine club to satisfy my bubble cravings.

But when I got married, I refused to do a Champagne toast and recently advised my bride-to-be cousin to do the same. If I love Champagne so much, why did I skip the iconic wedding ritual?


Will Small Changes in the Kitchen Really Help California’s Drought? — Food News

Steaming instead of boiling, cooking pasta in half the water, growing houseplants and gardens with leftover cooking water — in California, restaurant chefs and home cooks alike are using methods like these to save a little water, reports The New York Times. But will these small changes really help?


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