How To Make Ice Cream Without Eggs — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

If you've never made ice cream at home but want to give it a try, start here.

This is a tutorial for making plain vanilla ice cream, from start to finish, showing you your options for recipes and churning methods along the way. And here's the real secret: When you make vanilla ice cream at home, with good milk and cream, and real vanilla bean, it's anything but plain!


Recipe: Corn, Tomato & Black Bean Tostadas with Creamy Cilantro Dressing — Recipes From The Kitchn

I'm lucky enough to live in an area where even modest neighborhood cafes get their produce from local farms and change their menus often to reflect whatever their farmers are harvesting that week. I recently had my first taste of sweet summer corn at one such cafe, in a dish that combined chunks of shaved corn with tangy little cherry tomatoes and a creamy cilantro dressing. Sweet, crunchy, and bursting with pure summer flavor, it was so good I knew I had to recreate it.

In my kitchen somewhere along the way, the combination transformed into a crispy, black bean-speckled tostada — no complaints here.


Seasoning Salts Are the Best Host Gifts This Summer — Gift It!

As the invites to BBQs, summer potlucks, and outdoor celebrations continue to roll in during the long days of summer, it is great to keep some simple hostess (or host!) gifts on hand. When you are stumped for something to buy or don't want the extra expense, but hate showing up to an event empty-handed, try making your own seasoning salts! These salts are a cinch to put together and pair perfectly with BBQ fare and summer produce.

From earthy, robust salts for grilling to citrusy, floral salts to sprinkle over fresh fruit, making your own seasoning salts means there is something for everyone.


The Best Ways to Preserve Basil — Herb Gardening 101

(Image credit: Jayme Henderson)

Ask most people what their favorite herb is, and their response will often be basil. For many of us, this tender annual seems to epitomize the season. Basil tastes its absolute best when it's enjoyed fresh, but thankfully you have a few creative options to preserve the vibrant flavor of this herb that's so strongly associated with summertime.

Whether you scored a huge haul from the farmers market or were blessed with a bountiful harvest from the garden, here are a few ways to preserve your basil and not let it all go to waste.


Everything You Should Know About Kohlrabi — Tips from the Kitchen

In addition to its funny name, kohlrabi has an even funnier appearance — it looks kind of like an alien spaceship with its semi-flat, round body and skinny stalks. But as the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover, and that's certainly true with kohlrabi. This is one vegetable that deserves a place in your kitchen.

Whether it's new to you, or a constant presence in your kitchen, here's everything you should know about kohlrabi.


Recipe: Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches — Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn

Need a new, easy way to stay cool this summer, and stay in touch with your inner child? Look to the end of the rainbow for this pot-of-gold recipe! These ice cream sandwiches will make you do the happy dance and perhaps give you leprechaun-spotting powers too.


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