Can You Recommend Summer Cocktails and Appetizers for a Bachelorette Party? — Good Questions

Q: I'm hosting a bachelorette event in a few weeks, and I'm planning on having cocktails and some substantial appetizers. Any suggestions for a menu? We're spending the day grilling out, so I'd like to "dress it up" a little bit for the night.

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5 Life Skills to Master — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → It's About Time to Master These Life Skills


5 Pizza Toppings That Should Always Be Precooked — Tips from The Kitchn

A great pizza has the right balance of sauce, cheese, and crust — but don't forget about the toppings! While most toppings can just be chopped up and tossed onto the pizza before baking, there are a few that should be precooked first for better texture and flavor.


Recipe: Clams Casino — Appetizer Recipes from The Kitchn

I tried out this recipe on several groups of friends (it pays to befriend a recipe developer!) and, in addition to unanimously loving the dish, a consistent comment was, "This is clams casino?" Turns out, they would have been ordering clams casino for years now if they had known what it really meant: fresh clams topped with bread crumbs and bacon, and broiled until crispy.

What they still don't know is how fast and easy it is to make. This is the reason I love making this broiled clam dish for a dinner party appetizer — it feels special, but is so very simple.


Oreo Thins: The New Cookie Made for Grownups — Food News

There's a new variety of Oreos hitting shelves next week, and for once it's not a crazy new flavor. It goes way beyond that.

If you're all about twisting this sandwich cookie apart and dunking it in milk, brace yourself.


Video: A Wall Street Dropout Makes Sourdough Pizza — Pizza Week

Urbn Harvest - Spencer Baugher's Sourdough Pizza Crust from Linda on Vimeo.

After working for more than a dozen years at an investment bank in New York City, Spencer Baugher ditched Wall Street and started life over as a writer. Now living in Los Angeles with his wife and two children, Baugher has taken up the fine art of pizza-making. Sourdough pizza, that is.


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