The 5 Best Trader Joe’s Wines (Under $10!) to Drink with Pizza — Wine for All

It's Pizza Week here at The Kitchn, and pizza means wine. The classic combination of cheese and tomato will never get old, but I'm also glad that pizza now means something more. Pizza crust is basically a blank canvas, like a tortilla or toast; once you see it as such, the ingredient combinations are endless, as are the wine-pairing possibilities.

Who doesn't love finding a killer bottle of wine under 10 bucks? I certainly do. I went to Trader Joe's this past week on this very mission. Here are a few of my favorite steals, specifically chosen with pizza in mind.


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Put away your pizza wheel. Don't even think about using that giant chef's knife. There's another kitchen tool that's faster and better for cutting a pizza: your kitchen shears!


Should Your Doctor Have to Take a Culinary Nutrition Course? — Food News

When was the last time one of your doctors counseled you on nutrition before breaking out the prescription pad? If you've never had that happen, you're not alone; most medical programs don't require nutrition training for their students.

A few doctors are aiming to change that.


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Matching Father & Baby Pizza Shirts from Xenotees

• $44.99

Love pizza with all your heart? Tell it. Here are three garments to let you proclaim your pizza affection in a very public way, beginning with this adorable dad + baby combo. Aww. What could ever be cuter than that? Gratuitous second pic of a baby in a pizza T-shirt below (and don't miss this perfect slouchy sweatshirt version).


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