Can You Recommend a Recipe for Vegan Southern-Style Greens? — Good Questions

Q: I grew up in the South, and one of the few things I've missed since I became a vegan two-and-a-half years ago is collard greens cooked slowly with ham hock or bacon. Do you have any good recipes for stovetop greens (collard, beet, or otherwise) that are sweet and satisfying, without the animal fat?


Why I Think Homemade Treats Make the Best Wedding Favors — Strong Opinions

In planning for my upcoming wedding, there's one thing that slipped my mind until just recently: the wedding favors. At first I was caught off guard and truly surprised by my omission — I've been so organized about planning — but the more I thought about it (despite all the spreadsheets and lists), it made complete sense.

I've gone to so many weddings where it seems like the bride and groom give out wedding favors simply as an obligatory step, like they're only doing it because that's just what everyone does. And beyond not being memorable, it's only a matter of days or even hours before that small trinket gets lost in the shuffle.


The Value of Family Dinners — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → How Family Dinners Made Me a Better, Smarter, Healthier Person (Thanks Mom!)


For Less Greasy Pizza, Microwave Pepperoni First — Tips from The Kitchn

Confession: I'm a pizza blotter. I don't always do it, but when I encounter especially greasy slices of pepperoni pizza, I grab a napkin and dab at those orange pools, finding a bit of satisfaction that the grease is now on the napkin and won't end up in my stomach.

But what if I told you that when you're making pizza at home, you can remove some of the grease before you even put the pepperoni on the pizza? The magic lies in the microwave!


Recipe: Marinated Olives with Basil and Orange Peel — Appetizer Recipes from The Kitchn

I've come a long way as a host in the past several years, mostly thanks to finding ways to keep my stress level down so I can genuinely enjoy my friends' company. One key to that effort is having simple pre-meal snacks ready to go, so even if I find myself behind on the main meal, I won't worry my guests are hungry.

I often put out a bowl each of roasted nuts and olives, and I've taken to marinating my own olives so I can tailor the flavors to our meal and the season. Right now I'm loving this summery variation featuring the bright and bold accents of orange zest and fresh basil.


How To Make Pizza Crust (Video!) — Video Tips from The Kitchn

If a homemade pizza night isn't already in your regular rotation, it should be. Even when you're making the dough from scratch, this is an easy meal to fit into just about any schedule, and you get to pick any toppings you want!

Check out this video — Faith is here to show us all just how easy making pizza at home can be.


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