12 Summer Slow-Cooker Recipes That Won’t Heat Up the Kitchen — Recipes from The Kitchn

I'm getting to the point in summer where turning on the oven feels a little bit torturous. My apartment is hot enough without cranking the oven to 400 degrees, thank you very much.

Since I can't stop cooking dinner altogether for the next few months, I'm turning to my slow cooker. From meat to seafood to all things vegetarian, this handy appliance is your ticket to summertime dinners without heating up the kitchen.


4 Interesting Ways to Preserve Fresh Thyme — Herb Gardening 101

Thyme is a culinary herb that tastes just as great dried as it does plucked straight from the garden. It's also an herb that is incorporated more during the actual cooking process and less as a finishing note or garnish, making thyme a prime candidate for preserving.

Over the summer, thyme should always be in constant rotation in your dehydrator or oven. You'll thank me this winter, when you're adding it to lentil soup, savory beef stew, or lemon-garlic roasted chicken.


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