Dine Outdoors on a Budget with These 10 Tables & Sets Under $300 — Outdoor Decor

If you haven't already been enjoying dining alfresco this summer, the July 4th holiday is the perfect time to do it. And if the lack of a dining table is what's been stopping you, don't let that be a barrier any longer.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of dining tables and dining sets that will work for just about anyone. Here are some of our favorites that cost less than $300 — most of the tables actually cost way less than that, even. Now the only question is, what will you be grilling?


Recipe: Mixed New Potato Salad with Basil and Shallots — Side Dish Recipes from The Kitchn

When I go to the farmers market, new potatoes are one of my favorite things to buy. New potatoes, the tiny first potatoes of the season, can be found from spring through early summer, and I think they are simply the best-tasting potatoes of the year.

I use them for many things, but my favorite is potato salad — especially this fresh and easy version, with handfuls of basil and crisp shallots.


Recipe: Spicy Korean Grilled Chicken — Grill Recipes from The Kitchn

Hot off the grill, this spicy Korean chicken will not disappoint. Using chicken drumsticks and chicken thigh meat doused in a spicy, flavorful marinade, this grilled chicken needs to make an appearance on your dinner table soon!


6 Smart Tips for a Summer of Better Grilling — Tips from The Kitchn

Summer means grilling season — everything from fruit and veggies to meat and dessert. We're deep in the heart of it and it's just going to get better over the next couple months. So to make sure you get the absolute most out of it, we've got six smart tips to guide you through a summer of better grilling.


12 Creative Ways to Preserve Sage — Herb Gardening 101

Sage is an intensely aromatic herb, and unlike its tender cousins — basil and parsley — its leaves are sturdy and resinous. Because of sage's powerful aroma and oily texture, a little goes long way, flavor-wise. The preserving possibilities are numerous, so we get to be creative with this potent perennial.


15 Vegetables to Instantly Improve Your Vegetable Platter — The Vegetable Butcher

I love that I can find a platter of vegetables at every birthday, barbecue, and holiday gathering. But let's face it — carrot sticks, celery sticks, and sliced cucumbers are not the only candidates to arrange on a platter and serve with a dip. (I'm not judging; I get myself into that rut, too.)

There are tons of vegetables that would love an opportunity to shine on a platter, to serve as a vehicle for a pesto, salsa, vinaigrette, vegetable puree, cheesy dip, or hummus.


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