The 10 Best Things at IKEA This Summer — IKEA Shopping Guide

When I visited IKEA a while back, the summer collection had just hit stores. I always look forward to IKEA's seasonal collections (February's was pretty great), and the summer line is no different. With its recurring pear and strawberry motifs and subtle checks in pink, white, and green, it's super fun and playful without going over the top. Here are the 10 things I'd totally get for my kitchen.


5 Ways the Summer Can Make You a Better Cook — Advice from The Kitchn

With the advent of the summer solstice last week, we are now officially into the season of sun and fun — or, as I like to think of it, the season of saying "Finally!" at every grocery store or market visit. Finally, strawberries! Finally, tomatoes! Finally, corn! (Potatoes and root vegetables, I love you, but I'm also so over you.)

I think the produce joy alone could carry me through the season, but there's another reason I look forward to cooking in the summer: It can teach you, in small and sometimes subtle ways, how to be a better cook. Here's how.


20 Generous Recipes to Share at Your Summer Potluck — Recipes from The Kitchn

I'll always love a good potluck. They were a summertime ritual during my childhood, and such a great example of the way people come together around food. Potlucks don't have to be fancy, and in fact, it's better when they aren't. Just a good spread with a diverse array of dishes, where you get a little taste of just about everything.

From appetizers and salads to sides and desserts, here are 20 generously-sized recipes perfect for feeding a crowd at any backyard potluck this summer.


A Coffee Buyer Has the Most Glamorous (and Toughest) Job in the Coffee World — Smart Coffee for Regular Joes

What does a coffee buyer do? This might seem like a silly question to ask. "Buy coffee," is the easy, most obvious answer. But in the coffee world, a green coffee buyer's role is complex and multifaceted.

Green coffee buyers are the ones who travel to origin countries to source coffees — "green coffee" to be precise, as it's the coffee which hasn't been roasted yet. Of all the jobs in the coffee industry, the coffee buyer's definitely comes in as the most glamorized. Just imagine traveling the world to taste coffees and decide which ones to bring back. Of course, being a coffee buyer isn't always a rockstar, jet-set lifestyle.


Recipe: Bryant Terry’s Grilled Vegetable and Tofu Kebabs — An Afro-Asian 4th of July

You can’t go wrong serving these kebabs this 4th of July. You can prepare them in advance, and they’re practically a meal unto themselves when served along with couscous, potato salad, or a grain-based dish. And what a great way to showcase summer’s bounty of vegetables!


Raise a Glass to Summer with This Rooibos Peach Punch — Delicious Links

It's summer. It's hot outside. And there's a holiday weekend on the horizon. You know what that means, right? Time to whip up a refreshing cocktail. One that's got just the right hint of flavor and zing. One that'll cool you down and help you get a little buzz on. This rooibos peach punch is just the ticket.


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