Recipe: Bryant Terry’s Curried Corn and Coconut Rice — An Afro-Asian 4th of July

The coconut rice and curried corn in this recipe could very well be eaten separately, and they would make fine additions to lunch or dinner, but the combination of the two is truly special. I call for my homemade Jamaican curry powder, giving the corn a complex spicy, sweet, and slightly sour flavor profile.

Even if you don’t plan to make a whole 4th of July feast on your own, this is one of those dishes that always impresses when you show up at someone else’s cookout.


Before & After: A Kitchen Stuck in the 1980s Gets a Modern Update — Kitchen Remodel

When shopping for a new home, Laura and Jason had a hard time finding one they loved, so instead they looked for a home that had good bones and the potential for a full renovation. When they found the home they ended up purchasing, they knew the kitchen would be the first thing they wanted to update.

Their kitchen before the remodel was hopelessly stuck in the eighties with outdated light fixtures, warm brown cabinets, mauve countertops, and a particularly dated linoleum floor. But that all changed after the remodel.


SPONSORED POST: Recipe: Watermelon Negroni — Everclear®

It’s no secret that watermelon is the "it" ingredient this summer. It’s on craft cocktail menus, it’s served with mint and ricotta in super Instagram-able salads at mega hip restaurants everywhere, and it’s still the best barbecue go-to in all the land.

I love watermelon everything, but I haven’t figured out the perfect way to create a cocktail that doesn’t overpower the light, sweet taste. That’s why I was beyond excited to put together the Everclear® Watermelon Negroni, which let’s you fully enjoy the watermelon, without letting its flavor disappear into alcohol oblivion. It’s basically like eating a ripe watermelon, only there’s alcohol involved, and what could be better? That was a rhetorical question, because literally nothing can compare to this Watermelon Negroni.


An Ingenious Frozen Yogurt Sandwich to Serve This 4th of July — Delicious Links

Too often 4th of July desserts are relegated to berry-laden treats. Sure, the blue and red fruit looks patriotic, but do those desserts set off flavor fireworks in your mouth? Not always.

These sandwiches combine creamy peach frozen yogurt and chewy basil snickerdoodle cookies for a unique, refreshing treat that's sure to impress your loved ones on Saturday.


What Are Some Recipes for a Novice Bean Cooker? — Good Questions

Q: I just read the "Good Question" responses to Can You Help Me Learn to Love Beans?, and it was extremely informative as far as cooking them.

I've been a bean-hater my entire life, but my experience with beans is limited.


The Cleverest Way to Cut a Watermelon into Bite-Sized Pieces — Tips from The Kitchn

There are certain foods that just scream "summer," and watermelon is definitely one of them. From its bright-colored flesh to it sweet, refreshing taste, this fruit is a summer essential.

While there's not one right way to cut a watermelon, there are certain ways that are faster and less messy. Here's my favorite.


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