Drying Roses on the Kitchen Table — Kitchen Meditation

It's early summer and the roses in my yard are in riotous, glorious bloom — almost surreal in their scent and color. The other day the lusty, deep-pink ones were at their absolute peak; when I touched them the petals just fell away. So I brought a few handfuls into the house and left them to dry on my kitchen table, spread out on a plate. No fussy prep here, just a scattering of petals and the gentle summertime air. And time.


Modern Kitchens with Vintage Cabinets — Apartment Therapy

One (or two) vintage cabinets can provide a handy place to stash things you use often in a kitchen without a lot of upper storage. The patina and texture of a vintage piece also lend a certain depth and richness to a modern space.

From Apartment Therapy → Vintage Cabinets in Modern Kitchens


Two More Ways to Make an Ice Cream Scoop Multitask — Comment of the Day

Got an ice cream scoop? (Maybe you splurged on this perfect yet pricey model?) It's not a waste of space: Ice cream scoopers can do so many other things, as Christine explained in this post. Here are a couple more ideas from readers:


What Else Can I Cook in a Paella Pan? — Good Questions

Q: What are some uses for a paella pan, other than just making paella?

Sent by Zack


Helen Rosner Believes Chicken Tenders Are the Perfect Food: Discuss — Good Food Reads

You love chicken tenders even if you don't realize you do. So says Helen Rosner in her article last week in Guernica Magazine. Why? Because she feels that chicken tenders are an indisputably perfect food, and also because she considers them to be the perfect antidote to food — and present-day food culture — fatigue.


Recipe: Sour Cherry-Almond Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks — Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn

I think we can all agree there's no way we could get through summer without ice cream. Or in my case, I couldn't get through one week, let alone the three hottest months of the year. So, here's a sweet treat to cool you down: a chocolate-cherry ice cream that's tinted just the tiniest hint of pink.


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