Ways to Brighten Up a Windowless Room — Apartment Therapy

Here are some smart ideas for adding a little "sunshine" to a windowless room.

From Apartment Therapy → Let There Be Light!: Tricks to Add Sunshine to a Windowless Room


Two More Reasons Salads Taste Better at Restaurants — Comment of the Day

Why do salads sometimes taste so much better at restaurants than at home? I shared a few reasons, and you guys chimed in with even more good tips for making restaurant-worthy salads at home. Here are two tips I especially liked.


What Are Your Favorite Homemade Salad Dressings? — Good Questions

Q: I'm terribly fond of salads, and usually dress them with homemade dressing. However, I've really run out of ideas and have been crowdsourcing them from everywhere possible ... until it occurred to me that The Kitchn's the best forum possible for crowdsourcing!


Monster Zucchini — One More Time When Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better — Ingredient Intelligence

Brace yourself: zucchini are coming. But it doesn't stop at the farmers markets. Home-grown zucchini have a reputation for growing to epic, monster-sized proportions. They have an equally massive wow-factor, that's for sure.

But here's the thing: These monster zucchini are totally impressive to look at, but they're not really all that delicious.


5 Fixes for Your Outdoor-Area Woes — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → Excuse-Busting Answers For Why You Don't Use Your Outdoor Area


Martha Stewart’s Empire Sold for Less than 20% of Its Heyday Value — Food News

Well, it's official. Martha Stewart's media and merchandising enterprises have been sold to Sequential Brands Group – which owns and consolidates numerous celebrity brands — for 353 million, a far drop from the company's 1999 valuation of 1.8 billion. What does this sale mean for the domestic diva?


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