My Father and the Onion — Father’s Day

In my family I'm the peacekeeper — the perceptive one, the one who remembers things people have forgotten. Basically, I get things first. So I was a little taken aback when my older brother — older by just 14 months, mind you — was completely nonchalant when I brought up my realization that I was friends with our parents. "I think I'm friends with mom and dad," I said. "Yeah," he replied, pausing just long enough to let the I'm older and wiser than you settle in. "Guess what else," he says. "They're people too." My brother, J, is the observant one. He sees things before most people and waits and waits to tell you about it until it's the right time for you to know it.

Truth is, I've been friends with my mom from the very beginning. We've always had too much in common (flaws included) to not be friends. But my relationship with my father — always excellent, and a bit traditional — finally found its footing thanks to an onion.


10 Popsicle Recipes to Cool off with This Summer — Recipes from The Kitchn

Not only are popsicles the most refreshing summer treat on the block, they're also insanely easy to make. Really! If you have yet to make your own, let this be the summer to make that happen. Leave the store-bought pops at the store, and make your own.

From yogurt and sweet, fruit-filled popsicles to chocolatey treats and even boozy options, here are 10 popsicle recipes that will definitely make your summer a lot cooler.


Weekend Assignment: Drink Your Beer — The Kitchn’s Beer School 2015

  • Today's topic: Taste your finished homebrew
  • The Kitchn's Beer School: 20 lessons, 7 assignments to brew your first 1-gallon batch of beer.
  • Sign up & see all the assignments! The Kitchn's Beer School

Today is the day! Your homebrew is finally ready to be tasted. You've been so patient the past few weeks through all the stages of brewing — first collecting all the equipment and ingredients, then brewing the beer wort, and nursing it through primary and secondary fermentation — and now it's time for your reward. Go on. Grab a bottle opener. It's time.


What to Read This Weekend — Food News: June 15 – 21

  1. Whole Foods labeling system tomatoes
    1. Some Farmers Aren't Happy with Whole Foods' New Rating System
    Grocery News
  2. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    2. Get Ready for Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice Cream in 2016
    Food News
  3. Grape Soda
    3. Can You Guess the First Artificial Flavor Ever Created?
    Food News
  4. 4. The Newest Cocktail Pairing Is Whiskey and Tea
    Food News
  5. Lemon pie with vegan meringue
    5. This Gorgeous Vegan Meringue Is Made from the Most Surprising Ingredient!
  6. 6. Chipotle Is Working to Revamp Its Tortillas
    Food News
  7. 7. F.D.A. Wants Trans Fats Gone in 3 Years
    Food News
  8. 8. The Real Scoop on Gelato vs. Ice Cream
    Food News
  9. 9. Corona Is Expanding Its Breweries to Keep up with Demand
    Food News
  10. Taco Emoji
    10. Finally! We're Getting a Taco Emoji
    Food News


5 Easy Ways to Bring Carrots into Your Kitchen This Summer — Guides from The Kitchn

It's so automatic to toss some chopped carrots into the pan, along with the other vegetables, that I fear we sometimes forget how amazing they can be as the star of the show, especially at the peak of their season. Carrots can be delightfully crisp and crunchy when raw, but then they turn so silky-soft when cooked. They also add a brilliant pop of color and a surprising sweetness wherever they go.

Dress them up or keep them simple — here's how to shower carrots with love all summer long.


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