The Best Way to Keep Carrots Crisp and Fresh — Tips from The Kitchn

There are a lot of reasons to always have carrots on hand — they're one of the ingredients for mirepoix or stock, make great snacks or crudité, and are inexpensive to buy (even if you choose organic).

It's more economical to buy them in packs or bunches, but how can you keep them nice and crisp if you don't plan on using them up in a few days? Here's our easy way.


Smart Spiral Egg Storage for Your Backyard Chicken Coop — Faith’s Daily Find 06.15.15

Helter Skelter Egg Basket

• $23

Got chickens? How do you store your eggs? These clever spiral egg holders push the oldest egg forward for eating soonest, and cradle the rest of your backyard bounty securely.


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