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No, Local Honey Doesn’t Cure Your Seasonal Allergies. Sadly. — Food News

Allergy season is in full and sneezing swing (at least for me), which means that I'm also seeing plenty of mentions of that old chestnut: that raw local honey, full of local pollens and allergens, can desensitize you to that which makes you miserable.

Sadly, it's totally not true.


How To Pour and Taste Beer Like a Boss — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Good beer deserves its own glass. Left in the bottle, your beer experience is limited to one thing: how the beer tastes. That's of crucial importance, to be sure, but to really appreciate your finely crafted brew in all its glory, that beer must be liberated. Pour your beer into a glass, my friend — you'll be rewarded with not only taste, but aroma, color, bubbles, and a foamy upper lip. Here's what to do.


Nona Lim’s Fresh Rice Noodles and Broths Help You Win at Dinner, and at Life — Product Review

Item: Nona Lim's Fresh Broths and Rice Noodles
Price: $4.99 to $7.99
Overall Impression: These broths taste so close to homemade, they'll fool your mama, and the noodles will make your pad Thai dreams come true.

Fresh rice noodles? Tell me more. Premade pho and ramen broths that put these beloved noodle bowls within reach of a homemade weeknight meal? Yes, you have my attention. I don't need to know a secret handshake or have a deal with someone's doting mother to acquire these for myself? Sold.


20 Side Dishes to Make All Summer Long — Recipes from The Kitchn

Summer is all about simple, easy, and fresh meals, and this especially goes for side dishes. Whether that's a fast salad for chicken fresh off the grill, or simple squash ribbons to give your stove a reprieve for the evening, use this as a time to let summer produce shine. From salads and slaws to whole grains and a few takes on summer classics, here are 20 fresh side dishes to make all summer long.

From a kohlrabi and cabbage slaw that will triumphantly conquer your CSA box, to a no-cook bean and feta side dish, and from cauliflower fritters to a simply glorious tomato cobbler, these are the side dishes you want to eat this summer.


The Vegetable Butcher’s Top 10 Ways to Make Cooked Carrots Irresistible — The Vegetable Butcher

Look, I didn’t always love cooked carrots. I had some bad childhood memories of mushy, unseasoned microwaved carrots — they got the best of me. I could munch on stick after stick of the roots raw, but cooked? No thank you. It’s probably hard to believe, coming from me. I’ve dedicated my whole career to putting vegetables in the center of our plates; I should love every vegetable, every way, shouldn’t I? Well, I don’t think so.

Cooked carrots need the right spice rubs, marinades, and accompaniments to make them sing — to balance their sweet taste, complement their texture, and ultimately, bring out their best.


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