Liven Up Your Kitchen with Art — Apartment Therapy

You probably spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen, so why shouldn't it have a little art? Here are 7 examples of art in the kitchen to inspire you to add something that will glam up your space — or just a little piece that will make you smile.

From Apartment Therapy → 7 Ways to Add Art to Your Kitchen


Help Me Find a Better Compost Bin for My Freezer — Life in the Kitchen

As an apartment dweller, even one with outdoor space, I'm limited in my composting options. While we could get an outdoor compost bin, we wouldn't have anywhere to put all the compost after it was ready.

Luckily, the farmers markets here in Brooklyn collect food scraps for the Grow NYC compost program year-round. And for the past year, I've been saving my food scraps in the freezer and dropping them off each week. But my bin situtation is posing a problem.


How Else Can I Use Harina P.A.N.? — Good Questions

Q: I purchased Harina P.A.N. to make arepas, and I'm all arepa'd out. Any recipe suggestions/ideas, other than arepas, that I can use this tasty flour for? I'm at a loss for what to do with it!

Sent by Meghan


3 More Very Nice Things to Do for New Parents — Comment of the Day

What kinds of meals are best to bring to parents with a new baby? Cambria offered a few suggestions and great pieces of advice earlier this week, and you guys jumped in with so many more! I thought there were so many good ideas — here are just three I thought were especially good.


Grow Your Own Garlic — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → How To Grow Garlic


Does “Hard” Root Beer Deserve a Spot in the Craft Beer Scene? — Food News

And by "hard," I mean "boozy" here. Personally, I think a grown-up root beer with an added alcoholic kick sounds like something I could totally get behind. Hot day? Root beer? Pleasant buzz? Oh, yeah. Zak Stambor of The Chicago Tribune isn't so sure. What say you, fellow craft-brew lovers?


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