1970s Avocado Green Appliances in the Kitchen — Apartment Therapy

If you lived through the 1970s once, you might not be too happy to see these avocado appliances ever again. Then again, some people have managed to incorporate them into their stylish kitchens.

From Apartment Therapy → Stylish Kitchens Rocking the 1970s Avocado Green Appliances


Before & After: A Dingy Old Cooler Gets a DIY Wooden Cover — DIY Projects

We're going to guess that you or someone in your family has a cooler that looks like this hanging around their home. Yes, it's still functional, but if you put it out at a picnic, your guests might hesitate before looking inside.

Have no fear — you can still use that beat-up old cooler; it just needs a bit of a makeover. Which is exactly why we love this DIY solution from Brooke of Killer B Designs.


What Are Some Good Beginner Baking Cookbooks? — Good Questions

Q: I have decided to learn to bake. I (embarrassingly) have hardly baked anything that doesn't come out of a box. Does anyone have any recommendations on beginner cookbooks? I love Alton Brown and his scientific explanations, and am hoping to find something similar to his style.


A Few Great Tips for Making Lactose-Free Ice Cream at Home — Comment of the Day

A reader recently asked for tips on making ice cream without that pesky lactose, and you had quite a few good ideas (including pointing out the lower lactose content of cream).

One reader offered a very comprehensive set of tips for making lactose-free ice cream at home — here's what she had to say:


IKEA Hacks for Succulent Gardens — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → 7 IKEA Hacks for Gorgeous Succulent Gardens


11 Packable Tools for the Traveling Chef — Kitchen Tour

Who cooks and eats here: Chef Cameron Stauch; his wife, Ayesha; children, Lyla (11) and Kiran (6); and his family's cook, Hong
Where: Hanoi, Vietnam
Rent or Own? Rent through the Canadian Embassy

Chef Cameron Stauch has lived and cooked in four very different places: his home, Canada; India; Hong Kong; and here in Hanoi, Vietnam. He's shared Canadian cuisine with Queen Elizabeth, taught baba ghanouj to curious Indian home cooks, and hunted down curry leaves growing behind an abandoned embassy building in the center of Hanoi. He knows what traveling food-lovers do and don't need, whether they're moving abroad and setting up a whole new kitchen, staying in an Airbnb on a short vacation, or even traveling for business.

Here's Cameron's kit of 11 packable tools for the wandering chef.


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