Bringing Back the Eat-in Kitchen — Apartment Therapy

Somewhere in the evolution of the American home, the kitchen and dining room became separate things. But cooking and eating are natural partners. Why not put them back together?

From Apartment Therapy → Let's Bring Back the Eat-in Kitchen


3 More Good Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids — Comment of the Day

Shopping with small children can be a whole different proposition than shopping all by yourself. But it can be fun and satisfying and a good experience for kiddos, as Christine explained in her tips for grocery shopping with kids. You chimed in with lots of other good tips; here are three I wanted to also point out.


10 Decorated Refrigerators We’re Kind of in Love With — Kitchen Inspiration

Let's face it — appliances can be boring. Yes, white ones are classic and stainless steel ones are sleek, but they don't show a lot of personality. Luckily your appliances — especially your fridge — are prime candidates for a makeover.

Whether you want to camouflage an old fridge from a previous tenant or just spruce up your kitchen with a bold pattern, here are 10 show-stopping options.


What Can I Use as a Substitute for Dates When Making Energy Bars? — Good Questions

Q: Every time I see a recipe for energy bars/balls, they always involve using dates. Coming from someone who isn't a fan of dates, are there any substitutes for them in these types of recipes? Or are dates the end-all, be-all ingredient of energy bar recipes?

Sent by Kim


10 Renter-Friendly Adhesive Products — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → 10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About


This Kitchen Island Was Designed Especially for Vegetables — Dreamy Kitchens

This beautiful kitchen in the Cotswolds near Stroud, England, has many things to recommend it. It's part of a new home designed to be eco-friendly and nearly passive in its energy use, and that intelligence is worked into the kitchen too. Take this island, for instance — it was built with vegetables in mind.


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