4 Smart Tricks for Better-Smelling Garbage — Powered by Lemon

The kitchen garbage is most likely the smelliest thing in your household. (If it's not, there might be a bigger problem at hand.) And that makes total sense when you think about what's in there. "Even something as innocent as leftover veggie trimmings can surprise you with a stench in the morning!" says Becky Rapinchuk, the blogger behind Clean Mama.

Ideally you're taking out the full — or close-to-full — bag every few days for garbage pick-up or general safe-keeping, but smells can still find a way to permeate the air in the days between.

Your garbage is never gonna smell like roses, but it doesn't have to be totally offensive. Here are some things you can do for a better-smelling kitchen trash.


Before & After: See How a Home Addition Became a Gorgeous New Kitchen — Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: Alison Payne Bellaud)

From Apartment Therapy → Before & After: Adding On and Leveling Up For a Gorgeous New Kitchen


Why You Need Two (Yes, Two) Bottles of Olive Oil — Grocery Intelligence

After living in Italy for a bit, I quickly became enamored of olive oil. I have two bottles in my pantry that I reach for every single night. My constant use is a case for moving back to Italy, buying an olive farm, and making my own supply just to support the habit.

Because that's not happening anytime soon, I'll continue to lean on my local grocers to supply it for me, and I'll continue to always have two bottles. While I am a minimalist in most regards, I feel strongly that one olive oil is not enough.

I have my large bottle of everyday cooking oil (this is my favorite), which never breaks the bank and gets swirled into hot pans, tossed with roasted vegetables, and baked into cakes. My second bottle is smaller and a splurge, used for dunking bread and finishing salads, soups, and more. It's something I firmly believe should be in your pantry too.

My Everyday Olive Oil: California Olive Ranch Olive Oil, $15 for 16.9 ounces


10 Great Gifts for Cocktail-Lovers — Shopping

There are people who enjoy a cocktail after a long day, and then there are people who are straight-up obsessed with cocktails. Chances are, you know one of these cocktail fanatics. It's your coworker who never uses fewer than 10 ingredients in a single drink. Or your BFF who just started growing her own mint because she's serious about her mojitos.

For the person in your life who collects antique cocktail glasses, lusts after expensive bottles of bourbon, and has a perfectly curated bar cart, we've rounded up 10 awesome gifts we know they'll love. Cheers.


5 Rules for Making an Ugly Birthday Cake (and Celebrating with Your Friends) — Life in the Kitchen

There is no dessert more special than a birthday cake. It's the most personal and celebratory of treats. Far superior to weeknight cookies and less fussy than something as monumental as wedding cake, it's a dessert with a purpose. And there's also no greater baking joy, in my opinion, than making a birthday cake for someone you love.

I always have the best intentions when I decide to make someone a birthday cake, but it rarely goes as planned. I wait too long to find the perfect recipe or don't have the right supplies on hand, and I end up skipping the whole process entirely in favor or a simpler dessert or, even worse, nothing at all. This is a total shame, because everyone should eat cake on their birthday — baking plans be damned. That's why I'm in favor of embracing the ugly semi-homemade birthday cake.


Your Guide to Never Overcooking Fish Again — Cooking Tips from The Kitchn

Cooking fish at home can be tricky. Because it's lean and relatively quick-cooking, the line between just-right and dry, overcooked fish is really quite thin — especially with baking and grilling.

But what if I told you there's a nearly foolproof solution that will help you avoid overcooking and the super-dry, flaky result that comes with it? If you're thinking it sounds too good to be true, it's not. Here's the secret.


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